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  • MyEclipse for Spring 8.6 Released with Flex, GWT and iPhone Scaffolding

    Genuitec and Skyway Software have announced the release of MyEclipse for Spring 8.6. The latest release includes accelerators for Spring Core, Adobe Flex, Spring MVC, GWT, Spring Web Flow and iPhone Web applications. The release also introduces a new set of Spring development editors, Code Assistants, that facilitate the annotation-based development of Spring and JAX-WS artifacts.

  • Scaffolding in ASP.NET: Dynamic Data Support

    ASP.NET Dynamic Data Support is part of the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions, which have been published as a CTP last week. It provides a scaffolding framework that allows rapid application development based on ASP.NET.

  • Extended Rails Scaffolding with ActiveScaffold

    Scaffolding is a powerful Rails feature which will generate interfaces to interact with your data-model directly. It can either be used as starting-point or administrative backend tool. But the default Rails scaffold ignores relation between models. ActiveScaffold fulfills this and comes with pretty dynamic Ajax UIs.