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It’s 2018; Are My Containers Secure Yet?

Posted by Phil Estes  on  Sep 22, 2018 Posted by Phil Estes Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 22, 2018

Phil Estes discusses recent progress and areas not covered yet in container security, tooling, practices, and technology useful to secure containers.

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How Blockchain Has Created a New Paradigm in Security

Posted by Paul Puey  on  Sep 17, 2018 2 Posted by Paul Puey Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 17, 2018 2

Paul Puey explains how the new type of security created by the cryptocurrency companies could disrupt the way that data is secured outside of the blockchain industry.

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CI/CD/CS: Implementing Continuous Security across Your Delivery Pipeline and at Run-Time

Posted by Jorge Salamero Sanz  on  Sep 15, 2018 Posted by Jorge Salamero Sanz Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 15, 2018

Jorge Salamero Sanz discusses use case examples on how to make a CI/CD pipeline interact with Docker security tools, and how to prepare for policy violations that happen at runtime.

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Ethics in Computing Panel

Posted by Kathy Pham  on  Aug 28, 2018 Posted by Kathy Pham Follow 1 Followers , Raghu Gollamudi Follow 0 Followers , Natalie Evans Harris Follow 1 Followers  on  Aug 28, 2018

The panelists discuss the important points around privacy, security, safety online, and intent of software today.

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Cryptoeconomics - The Application of Economic Systems, Incentives and Mechanisms

Posted by Jomari Peterson  on  Aug 24, 2018 Posted by Jomari Peterson Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 24, 2018

Jomari Peterson discusses crypto-economics and some of the significant considerations when designing a cryptocurrency.

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Cybersecurity - Hacking / Anti-Phishing / Social Engineering

Posted by Paul Walsh  on  Aug 21, 2018 Posted by Paul Walsh Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 21, 2018

Paul Walsh discusses how crypto companies can keep their team and their communities safe from cyber attacks.

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Gotchas Using Terraform in a Secure Delivery Pipeline

Posted by Anton Babenko  on  Aug 12, 2018 Posted by Anton Babenko Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 12, 2018

Anton Babenko discusses how to integrate Terraform in a secure continuous delivery pipeline, explaining how to manage AWS infrastructure in a secure way using Terraform.

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Using Blockchain Routing to Bring Best of Breed Cybersecurity to the Masses

Posted by Steve Perkins  on  Aug 12, 2018 Posted by Steve Perkins Follow 1 Followers  on  Aug 12, 2018

Steve Perkins explains how to use blockchain routing technology and bring cybersecurity to everyone, everywhere, anytime at an affordable price.

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Developers as a Malware Distribution Vehicle

Posted by Guy Podjarny  on  Aug 07, 2018 Posted by Guy Podjarny Follow 5 Followers  on  Aug 07, 2018

Guy Podjarny discusses risk management with examples from role models inside and outside of tech. Podjarny explains cognitive biases and how good security constraints can actually help move faster.

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Blockchain-Based Identity Management & Upcoming ICO

Posted by Armin Ebrahimi  on  Aug 05, 2018 Posted by Armin Ebrahimi Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 05, 2018

Armin Ebrahimi discusses how ShoCard uses the blockchain technology to address privacy concerns in identity management.

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Building a Cloud-Native Compliance Culture

Posted by Chuck D'Antonio  on  Jun 24, 2018 Posted by Chuck D'Antonio Follow 0 Followers , CeeCee O'Connor Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 24, 2018

CeeCee O'Connor, Chuck D'Antonio discuss building a compliance engine with Concourse, keeping their teams focused on their application code and minimizing the effort they put into compliance.

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Cloud Foundry UAA as an Identity Gateway

Posted by Sree Tummidi  on  Jun 17, 2018 Posted by Sree Tummidi Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 17, 2018

Sree Tummidi discusses the capabilities of Cloud Foundry’s UAA which make it apt to be used as an identity gateway for both ingress and egress security patterns.

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