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  • Teaching Machines to Understand Emotions with Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment analysis teaches computers to recognise the human emotions present in text. The fundamental trade-off in sentiment analysis is between simplicity and accuracy. Approaches vary from using a list of words associated with emotions, to deep learning with techniques like word embeddings, neural networks and attention mechanisms.

  • Salesforce Brings Cognitive to CRM, Launches 3 New Services

    In a recent blog post, Salesforce announced the addition of three cognitive services to its Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) platform. The three new services enable detecting sentiment, intent and object detection. Salesforce customers can then use these services to automate insight and use predictive modelling within their CRM apps.

  • Blog Sentiment Analysis Using NoSQL Techniques

    Corporations are increasingly using social media to learn more about what their customers are saying about their products. This presents unique challenges as unstructured content needs analytic techniques to interpret the sentiment embodied in the blog posts. InfoQ caught up with Subramanian Kartik to learn more about the blog sentiment analysis project his team worked on.