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Cogs in the Machine: Testing Code Embedded in an Impenetrable Framework

Posted by Roy Osherove  on  Sep 07, 2010 2 Posted by Roy Osherove Follow 1 Followers  on  Sep 07, 2010 2

Roy Osherove discusses the difficulties met when trying to test code embedded in a framework (cog), presenting several solutions to create unit tests for cogs, using Silverlight code as example.


Hard Rock: Behind the Music with Silverlight 2

Posted by Scott Stanfield  on  Jul 07, 2009 Posted by Scott Stanfield Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 07, 2009

Scott Stanfield presents the Hard Rock Memorabilia web site demoing Silverlight’s Deep Zoom. He also shows other projects to underline some of the Silverlight’s capabilities.


Mike Taulty on Building Rich Internet Applications

Posted by Mike Taulty  on  Dec 05, 2008 1 Posted by Mike Taulty Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 05, 2008 1

Mike Taulty of Microsoft takes developers from XAML to JavaScript when building Silverlight 2 applications and includes demos in both Expression Studio and Visual Studio 2008.


Ruby Beyond Rails

Posted by John Lam  on  Aug 30, 2008 5 Posted by John Lam Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 30, 2008 5

John Lam talks about his path to dynamic languages, some of the problems of making IronRuby run fast, and how the DLR helps with implementing languages.


Exploring Silverlight with Mark Smith

Posted by Mark Smith  on  Jun 19, 2008 Posted by Mark Smith Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 19, 2008

Mark Smith explores Silverlight 2.0 capabilities like code-behind support, threads, and consuming web services at QCon San Francisco 2007.


Laurence Moroney on Silverlight

Posted by Laurence Moroney  on  Apr 02, 2008 1 Posted by Laurence Moroney Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 02, 2008 1

In this presentation Laurence Moroney discusses Silverlight, a subset of the WPF that runs in the major web browsers as a plugin. Laurence provides an overview and roadmap for Silverlight.