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  • Announcing Verve – A Type-Safe Operating System

    Microsoft Research releases Verve, an operating system which grew out of the Singularity project, upon whose base premise is to use Typed Assembly Language, TAL, and Hoare logic to achieve the highest levels of security and safety.

  • Singularity: Microsoft's Open Source Operating System

    The second release of the Singularity Research Development Kit is now available as both source code and as a bootable CD. Singularity is an operating system based almost entirely on managed code with a very high degree of isolation between processes. In an unusual move by Microsoft, Singularity is soliciting patches and offering full developer rights on CodePlex.

  • Microsoft Research Releases Singularity RDK

    On March 4th, the Singularity Research Development Kit (RDK) was released as an open source project on CodePlex. The RDK is based on the Singularity Project from Microsoft Research by Galen Hunt, Jim Larus and others. The Project web site said that Singularity itself is primarily about "the construction of dependable systems through innovation in the areas of systems, languages, and tools."

  • Cosmos - An Option To Singularity

    Just released to the public, Cosmos is an operating system implemented entirely in .NET compiled IL.

  • Singularity: Rethinking the Software Stack

    Singularity is a Microsoft research project aimed at producing a new operating system built for dependability. Relieved of commercially viable burdens such as backward compatibility, Singularity contains many alluring ways of solving classic problems using newer programming tools and methodologies. InfoQ spoke to the Singularity team to learn more.