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Sandy Mamoli on Holacracy for Humans

by Shane Hastie Follow 28 Followers on  Jun 20, 2018

Sandy Mamoli has been supporting New Zealand transport ticketing company Snapper in their adoption of holacracy over the last two years. At a recent Agile Welly meetup session she explained what holacracy is, described their journey to date, the benefits they’ve found, and provided advice for others considering holarcacy.

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The Future of Work - Morning Sessions from Agile People Sweden

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Oct 24, 2017

The fifth Agile People Sweden Conference is being held on October 23 and 24 in Stockholm. The 2017 conference theme is: The Future of Work - Scaling Agile to Improve Worklife. The Monday morning sessions explored agility scales, enterprise wide agility with sociocracy, and self organization.

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Experimenting with Self-Organisation

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Oct 06, 2017

Self-organising teams are much more effective, engaged and happier. Not everyone is comfortable with self-organising; people are conditioned to do what they are told and mainly to work on their own. You need modern leadership approaches like intent-based leadership, sociocracy, and holacracy, to enable self-organising teams.

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Exploring the Seven Principles of Sociocracy 3.0

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Apr 27, 2017 3

Principles guide behaviour, and when made explicit can raise consciousness and help to evolve culture. The seven Sociocracy 3.0 principles support organizations that want to act in integrity with their environment, learn from experience, and generate a collaborative, adaptable and intelligent system to navigate complexity.

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Using Sociocracy for Decision Making and Learning in Agile

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Mar 12, 2015 3

Organization that are adopting agile often look for ways to establish self-organized teams where team members are able to take more responsibility. Agile software development teams could improve their decision making by using the consent principle and sociocratic procedures. Sociocratic governance structures can also be used to scale up agile principles to every level of the organization.

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Finding Ways to Improve Business – IT Collaboration

by Ben Linders Follow 28 Followers on  Jun 06, 2013 2

Collaboration between business and IT can be a problem in enterprises. People are finding ways to better support the business needs and increase the business value of IT, using business IT fusion, DevOps or sociocracy.

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Holacracy - The Self-Organizing Enterprise

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 11, 2006

The fit between Agile teams and traditional enterprises can be challenging. Agile may highlight or exacerbate pre-existent dysfunctions, in areas a project manager may not be well-placed to address, so those involved in Agile roll-outs are thinking about alternate ways to organize the enterprise. Holacracy, created at Ternary Software, suggests that self-organization can extend outside IT.

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