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  • Microsoft Clears the Way for Having ExFAT in the Linux Kernel

    Microsoft is making the official specification for exFAT freely available in a move meant to make it possible to include an exFAT driver directly into the Linux kernel. Additionally, when an exFAT-enabled Linux kernel will be published, Microsoft will support its inclusion in the Open Invention Network’s Linux System Definition.

  • Google Sells Motorola to Lenovo

    Google has sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91B, and keeps most of the patents in their portfolio while Lenovo gets 2,000 patents. Google may lose money on this deal but the Android ecosystem benefits.

  • Patent Holder Pursues IP Grab on TCP/IP

    A networking hardware vendor based in Austin, Texas says it's going to pursue royalties on the implementation of the TCP/IP set of protocols. Formerly known as Dellor, KCIR Networks acquired Nett Labs in 1997, acquiring this patent into the bargain. The patent claim was filed in 1975, but Nett Labs never pursued royalties.

  • Google Promises Not to Sue for Using Their Pledged Patents [Updated]

    Google is promising not to take legal action against any party using pledged patents for open source or free software “unless first attacked.”

  • H.265 Codec Standard Has Been Approved

    The H.265 codec standard, the successor of H.264, has been approved, promising support for 8k UHD and lower bandwidth, but the patent issues plaguing H.264 remain.

  • Oracle and Google go to Court

    Last month, Judge Paul Grewal ordered the Oracle and Google to attempt to negotiate a settlement. Google offered a $2.8 million settlement on condition that Oracle can prove patent infringement. However, Oracle rejected that offer as too low, so the case will go to court on the 16th April.