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  • Reliable Deployments at GitHub

    The GitHub engineering team recently blogged about how they ensure fast and reliable deployments. Raffaele Di Fazio, software engineer at GitHub, provided a deep dive into the deployment mechanics at GitHub.

  • Cloud Spanner Adds Support for Liquibase

    Google Cloud has recently added support for Liquibase on Cloud Spanner. The new extension allows developers to use the open-source database library to manage and automate schema changes for the globally distributed SQL database on Google Cloud.

  • The Journey from Monolith to Microservices at GitHub: QCon Plus Q&A

    GitHub needed to fundamentally rethink how they did software development due to all of the different cultures, norms, and technology stacks that their teams brought to the table. They are migrating toward a microservices architecture that enables different teams and systems and technologies to work harmoniously together.

  • What's New in MicroProfile 4.0

    Delivered under the newly-formed MicroProfile Working Group, the much anticipated release of MicroProfile 4.0 was made available to the Java community. Features include alignment with Jakarta EE 8 and updates to all APIs. The standalone APIs remain unchanged. MicroProfile 4.0 was delivered with incompatible changes to five of the APIs, namely Config, Fault Tolerance, Health, Metrics and OpenAPI.

  • Github Removes All Non-Essential Cookies

    GitHub recently announced having removed all banners from GitHub. GitHub additionally commits to only use in the future cookies that are essential to serving

  • Microsoft Releases Git Experience in Visual Studio

    Earlier this month, during the 2020 edition of .NET Conf, Microsoft released the latest version of Visual Studio for Windows. One of the most critical features of this release was what Microsoft called "The Git Experience": a set of tools that makes Git the default source control experience in Visual Studio 2019, allowing the developer to control a Git repository directly from Visual Studio.

  • Git 2.29 Introduces Experimental Support for SHA-256

    The latest version of Git experimentally enables using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 for file hashing, thus removing a long-standing vulnerability which in principle allowed an attacker to forge a counterfeited repository with a HEAD not distinguishable from the original's.

  • DigitalOcean Enters PaaS with App Platform

    Specifically targeted at developers, DigitalOcean App Platform aims to make application development a matter of point-and-click. This new offering fills the gap between DigitalOcean Droplets and Kuberbetes-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service products. InfoQ has taken the chance to speak with DigitalOcean vice president of products Apurva Joshi to learn more.

  • GitHub Code Scanning Is out of Beta

    One year ago GitHub announced the acquisition of Semmle, maker of a semantic code analysis engine powered by the Semmle QL query language. After a few months in beta, GitHub is now announcing the availability of its new CodeQL-based code scanning capability for all public and private repos.

  • Hacked off with Hacktoberfest

    Hacktoberfest is a promotion that Digital Ocean runs to encourage developers to contribute patches to open-source repositories hosted on GitHub in exchange for a free T-shirt. This year, however, there have been complaints by many open-source contributions being made that add little or no value to projects on GitHub, which is causing some strain on the community. InfoQ investigates.

  • New GitHub Repositories Default to Main Branch

    All newly created GitHub repositories will default to 'main' for their main branch from today. In addition, existing repositories can also rename the 'master' branch; read on to find out why you might want to do this, and the support that GitHub is providing to make this transition seamless.

  • OpenJDK Completes Migration to GitHub

    OpenJDK has completed the transition from Mercurial to GitHub as planned in September 2020. GitHub offers various benefits such as increased performance and support for code reviews. InfoQ reported in June about the change in more detail.

  • The JavaScript Coder's Guide to Getting More from GitHub and Npm - GitHub Satellite 2020

    Edward Thomson, npm product manager at GitHub, recently explained at GitHub Satellite 2020 the implications of npm joining GitHub for JavaScript developers and how to get the best out of GitHub for both open source and professional work.

  • Visual Studio Codespaces Is Now GitHub Codespaces

    Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Visual Studio Codespaces is consolidating into GitHub Codespaces. Visual Studio Codespaces is a cloud-based, on-demand development environment similar to Gitpod. The consolidated product supports Azure Functions and can be used with Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Code, and modern browsers.

  • GitHub CLI Reaches 1.0, Enables Scripting CI/CD Workflows

    Released in beta last February, GitHub CLI has now reached version 1.0. According to GitHub, you can use GitHub CLI for your entire workflow from issues to reviews to releases. In addition, you can script the GitHub API to automate any available action.