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CoffeeScript: JavaScript Evolved

Posted by Scott Davis  on  Apr 11, 2012 1 Posted by Scott Davis Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 11, 2012 1

Scott Davis introduces CoffeeScript through a demo, showing how to create a Hello World application and why it is an improvement over JavaScript.


Cloud Foundry Boot Camp

Posted by Dave McCrory  on  Mar 29, 2012 Posted by Dave McCrory Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 29, 2012

Dave McCrory explains how Cloud Foundry works, demoing setting up and running an application on it and Micro Cloud Foundry, and using the services available in VMware’s cloud.


Spring Data JPA – Repositories Done Right

Posted by Oliver Gierke  on  Mar 29, 2012 6 Posted by Oliver Gierke Follow 2 Followers  on  Mar 29, 2012 6

Oliver Gierke demoes using Spring Data JPA to create repositories using a Domain-driven Design approach.


Architecture Choices for Scalable Cloud Apps

Posted by Mark Fisher  on  Mar 27, 2012 1 Posted by Mark Fisher Follow 2 Followers , Thomas Risberg Follow 2 Followers  on  Mar 27, 2012 1

Mark Fisher and Thomas Risberg transform a monolithic cloud application by changing its relational DB with a NoSQL one, introducing modularity, polyglot support and enterprise integration patterns.


Spring Integration - Practical Tips and Tricks

Posted by Oleg Zhurakousky  on  Mar 13, 2012 6 Posted by Oleg Zhurakousky Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 13, 2012 6

Oleg Zhurakousky demoes performing transaction management, error handling, asynchronous processing, advanced aggregator configuration, etc. using Spring Integration and enterprise integration patterns


Basic Application Development with Spring Roo and SQLFire

Posted by Jeff Markham  on  Mar 07, 2012 Posted by Jeff Markham Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 07, 2012

Jeff Markham introduces Roo and SQLFire along with a demonstration of using AspectJ for SQLFire administration.


Improve Your Java with Groovy

Posted by Ken Kousen  on  Mar 06, 2012 3 Posted by Ken Kousen Follow 1 Followers  on  Mar 06, 2012 3

Ken Kousen demoes 10 cases when he says it’s better to use Groovy: XML (and JSON), JDBC, I/O (Files), Collections, Closures, Builders, AST Transformations, Meta-programming, Spock, and Gradle.


Spring 3.1 and MVC Testing Support

Posted by Rossen Stoyanchev  on  Mar 02, 2012 1 Posted by Rossen Stoyanchev Follow 6 Followers , Sam Brannen Follow 1 Followers  on  Mar 02, 2012 1

Sam Brannen and Rossen Stoyanchev introduce the TestContext Framework, how to use @Configuration and environment profiles for testing with Spring 3.1, and the testing support available in Spring MVC.


Spring Social: For the New Web of APIs

Posted by Craig Walls  on  Feb 27, 2012 Posted by Craig Walls Follow 1 Followers  on  Feb 27, 2012

Craig Walls discusses the need for adding social features to applications, how to secure such applications and how Spring Social can help.


Tailoring Spring for Custom Usage

Posted by Josh Long  on  Feb 24, 2012 Posted by Josh Long Follow 7 Followers  on  Feb 24, 2012

Josh Long uncovers some of the hooks available in the Spring framework: life cycles, scopes, beans, resources, XML marshallers, REST, transactions, caching, Spring Integration adapters, and others.


Cloud Foundry: Inside the Machine

Posted by Derek Collison  on  Feb 17, 2012 Posted by Derek Collison Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 17, 2012

Derek Collison presents Cloud Foundry’s architecture with details on the Cloud Controller, the Service Provisioning Agent, the Droplet Execution Agent, and the Messaging System.


Tuning Java for Virtual with EM4J

Posted by Ben Corrie  on  Feb 14, 2012 Posted by Ben Corrie Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 14, 2012

Ben Corrie explains how Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J) helps managing memory for Java installations in virtual settings.