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Next Generation OAuth Support with Spring Security 5.0

Posted by Joe Grandja  on  Feb 02, 2018 Posted by Joe Grandja Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 02, 2018

Joe Grandja overviews OAuth 2.0 Login and walks through the necessary steps in setting up OAuth 2.0 Login using Google as the authentication provider.

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Instant Security and Scalable User Management in Spring Boot

Posted by Les Hazlewood  on  Jan 26, 2017 1 Posted by Les Hazlewood Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 26, 2017 1

Les Hazlewood goes beyond the traditional way to secure applications and deep dives into how Spring Security + Stormpath offer an instant user management system for Spring Boot applications.

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To Spring Security 4.1 and beyond

Posted by Rob Winch  on  Nov 09, 2016 1 Posted by Rob Winch Follow 0 Followers , Joe Grandja Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 09, 2016 1

Rob Winch and Joe Grandja discuss how to easily secure an application with Spring Security 4.1 and focus on some of the new features found in Spring Security 4.1.

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Hands on Spring Security

Posted by Rob Winch  on  Feb 14, 2016 Posted by Rob Winch Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 14, 2016

Rob Winch discusses how to rapidly and correctly apply Spring Security to an existing application. Rob demos security exploits and shows how to mitigate them, answers frequently asked questions.

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Spring Data REST - Data Meets Hypermedia + Security

Posted by Roy Clarkson  on  Jan 30, 2016 Posted by Roy Clarkson Follow 0 Followers , Greg Turnquist Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 30, 2016

Roy Clarkson and Greg Turnquist discuss using Spring Data REST to build a back-end for a startup, exemplifying with Spring-A-Gram, an app built with Spring Data REST and secured by Spring Security.

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Get the Most out of Testing with Spring 4.2

Posted by Sam Brannen  on  Jan 08, 2016 Posted by Sam Brannen Follow 0 Followers , Nicolas Frankel Follow 7 Followers  on  Jan 08, 2016

Brannen and Fränkel cover the latest testing features in Core Spring, Spring Boot, and Spring Security, and tips on integration testing with TestNG, DB transactions, SQL script execution, etc.

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The State of Securing RESTful APIs with Spring

Posted by Rob Winch  on  Dec 20, 2015 1 Posted by Rob Winch Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 20, 2015 1

Rob Winch discusses how to properly secure your RESTful endpoints and explores some common pitfalls when applying security to RESTful APIs with the help of Spring Security.


Booting up Spring Social

Posted by Craig Walls  on  Jan 03, 2015 Posted by Craig Walls Follow 1 Followers  on  Jan 03, 2015

Craig Walls presents the latest that Spring Social has to offer, including integration with Spring Security, automatic reconnect, and a dramatically simpler configuration model using Spring Boot.


From 0 to Spring Security 4.0

Posted by Rob Winch  on  Dec 20, 2014 1 Posted by Rob Winch Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 20, 2014 1

Rob Winch shows how to incrementally build security into an application, highlighting the new features in Spring Security 4 along the way.


Application Security Pitfalls

Posted by Mike Wiesner  on  Mar 12, 2014 Posted by Mike Wiesner Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 12, 2014

Mike Wiesner advises on dealing with security tradeoffs when creating Servlet Container, Spring MVC or Spring Integration type of applications.


Securing OAuth2-Enabled, Multi-Tenant Applications with Spring Security

Posted by Robert Winch  on  Aug 03, 2012 3 Posted by Robert Winch Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 03, 2012 3

Robert Winch explains how to secure a multi-tenant application with Spring Security and how to enable OAuth 2.


Identity Management with Spring Security

Posted by David Syer  on  Feb 10, 2012 1 Posted by David Syer Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 10, 2012 1

David Syer discusses identity management, SSO, security standards –SAML, OpenID, OAuth, SCIM, JWT-, how Spring Security can fit in, and demoing IdM as a service.

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