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  • How to Foster Startup-Like Innovation in Established Companies

    Startup founders expect uncertainty and failure as part of their innovation process. Leaders in established companies need to make sure that people take on risks to build the next big thing. Adding small improvements to products in a constant manner will create a compounding effect over time, and will help you build the exact thing your users are looking for.

  • The Future of Agile in Africa: Challenges and Progress

    The African continent is trailing behind in the adoption of agile compared to other continents as it faces wicked challenges and setbacks. However, the next two decades seem to be promising to the young continent, as tech startups, SMEs and large corporations are recognizing that a collaborative approach to product development leads to more productive and value-driven results.

  • How to Remain Agile While Scaling

    Managing the complexity and scale of both the business and the software were key challenges as Yext started to grow, said Sean MacIsaac at Agile Business Day 2019. Yext addresses this by having product solutions that are broadly applicable and configurable by their customer team, and by hiding complexity with independently deployable services with clearly defined interfaces.

  • Creating a Startup outside of Silicon Valley - Q&A with Rachel Carlson of Guild Education

    Rachel Carlson spoke at Develop Denver about her decision to create a tech startup outside the expected location in San Francisco. Although the idea was initially met with resistance by her investors, she believes having the headquarters for Guild Education in Denver, Colorado, has provided many benefits.

  • Q&A with Susanne Birgersdotter about Entrepreneurship and Thriving in Tech

    Make sure that as an entrepreneur you are extremely well-informed before a presentation, about your own topic and also about the investors and their company. When your first idea or company fails, don’t quit, don’t play safe, and get back up as fast as you can. Female entrepreneurs who want to thrive in tech can join a women in tech group where members empower, connect and support each other.

  • State of Wyoming House Unanimously Pass Two Blockchain Bills

    On February 19th, the State of Wyoming House unanimously passed two blockchain bills as a way to incentivize the industry to invest in the state's economy. The first bill, HB 70, focuses on utility tokens, offered in the form of ICOs, being exempt from state security regulations and the second, HB 19, excludes virtual currencies from the state’s money transmitter act.

  • Building a Startup within a Bank - Q&A with Peterjan van Nieuwenhuizen

    Peterjan van Nieuwenhuizen serves as head of smart digital banking at BTPN in Indonesia. At the upcoming Agile Indonesia conference he will talk about the cultural changes needed to create a startup mentality inside a traditional bank, the challenges and opportunities this creates and what's needed to make it real. He spoke to InfoQ about his experiences.

  • QConSF: Keynote - The Second Act

    Michael Lopp gave the second keynote at QCon San Francisco; titled "The Second Act" he explored what cultural changes are necessary when growing an organisation from building one product to building a business that builds products.

  • Scaling Teams to Grow Your Startup

    Once a startup becomes successful it needs to scale its teams and technology to grow. Scaling has to be done in way that the startup remains effective, and thus capable of quickly delivering products to satisfy the needs of the fast growing user base. Some of the challenges faced are hiring people and onboarding them, along with technology decisions that allow you to grow and get the right people.

  • At Collision, Networking is King

    At the 2016 Collision Conference in New Orleans, LA, networking is king. Beyond the massive room filled with start-ups is the opportunity for start-ups to checkout what others are doing and get a chance to meet with investors.

  • An Introduction to Six Startups at Collision

    Out of the 630 startups at the 2016 Collision Conference in New Orleans, InfoQ had a chance to speak with six of them to find out about their products wand why they came to Collision.

  • The Next Web Europe 2015 Recap Part Two

    The Next Web took place last week in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With more than 3,500 participants, it’s one of the biggest technology conferences in Europe. This recap looks at the most interesting news that came out of the two day conference.

  • The Next Web Europe 2015 Recap Part One

    The Next Web took place last week in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With more than 3,500 participants, it’s one of the biggest technology conferences in Europe. This recap looks at the most interesting news that came out of the two day conference.

  • Experiences and Good Practices from Hackathons

    Hackathons are events where developers work together during a fixed period to collaboratively develop software. They provide learning opportunities and space for developers and organizations sponsoring the hackathons to network and have some fun.

  • An Introduction to Minimum Viable Architecture

    This post describes the minimum viable architecture for developing minimum viable product. It includes the architecture specification in different phases of startup.