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  • Magic Pocket: Dropbox’s Exabyte-Scale Blob Storage System

    A horizontally scalable exabyte-scale blob storage system which operates out of multiple regions, Magic Pocket is used to store all of Dropbox’s data. Adopting SMR technology and erasure codes, the system has extremely high durability guarantees but is cheaper than operating in the cloud.

  • Discovering the Versatility of OpenEBS

    OpenEBS provides storage for stateful applications running on Kubernetes, including dynamic local persistent volumes or replicated volumes using various "data engines". OpenEBS can address a wide range of applications, from casual testing and experimentation to high-performance production workloads

  • Indestructible Storage in the Cloud with Apache Bookkeeper

    At Salesforce, we required a storage system that could work with two kinds of streams, one stream for write-ahead logs and one for data. But we have competing requirements from both of the streams. Being the pioneers in cloud computing, we also required our storage system to be cloud-aware as the requirements of availability and durability are ever more increasing.

  • NoSQL in the Enterprise

    In this article, Sourav Mazumder explores what NoSQL databases are, how they fit into Enterprise IT, the challenges facing enterprise adoption, how to choose the appropriate NoSQL database for a given application, a short list of NoSQL databases which are likely to be good matches for enterprise applications, and advice for how to adopt NoSQL databases within an enterprise.