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A Relational Database System in which Joins Cost Zero

Posted by  on  Mar 14, 2013 1

Ori Herrnstadt introduces the Akiban database which solves the problem of joins and combines the best of relational and document databases.


Software Architecture using ZeroMQ

Posted by  on  Mar 14, 2013 3

Pieter Hintjens explains how to use contracts and rapid iterative design cycles to architect large-scale distributed systems with ZeroMQ.


F# for Trading

Posted by  on  Mar 12, 2013

Phil Trelford describes and demonstrates areas where F# excels, such as domain modeling, computation and concurrency.


The Bandicoot Language: Code Reuse for the Relational Model

Posted by  on  Mar 11, 2013

Ostap Cherkashin and Julius Chrobak present writing readable and extendable rich data manipulation code with Bandicoot.


What May Not Be Expected in a Country of Eternal Light

Posted by  on  Mar 08, 2013

Noel Weichbrodt summarizes the retrospectives his team has had for the last 18 months regarding using DSLs written in Scala and Lift for a GIS application.


Making Hadoop Real Time with Scala & GridGain

Posted by  on  Mar 04, 2013

Nikita Ivanov shows adding real-time capabilities to Hadoop through a demo application streaming word counting on a 2-nodes cluster.


Executing Queries on a Sharded Database

Posted by  on  Feb 28, 2013 1

Neha Narula provides advice on choosing a data store for a web applications and executing distributed queries.


The Reemergence of Datalog

Posted by  on  Feb 26, 2013

Michael Fogus overviews Datalog and provides examples of how it is implemented and used in Datomic, Cascalog, and the Bacwn Clojure library.


Grace: An Open-source Educational OO Language

Posted by  on  Feb 25, 2013

Michael Homer introduces Grace, an educational OO language used to teach programming to students.


Apache Cassandra Anti Patterns

Posted by  on  Feb 22, 2013

Matthew Dennis covers the most common mistakes made with Cassandra that he has noticed being made both in deployment and code.


Transactions: Over Used or Just Misunderstood?

Posted by  on  Feb 21, 2013

Mark Little provides advice on when it is not recommended to use transactions and how to use transactions with Web Services, NoSQL, REST and mobile infrastructures.


A Type Driven Approach to Functional Design

Posted by  on  Feb 18, 2013

Michael Feathers describes an approach toward planning the design of the functional portions of an application by using a variation of Haskell type expression syntax.

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