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  • State of FinOps 2024: Reducing Waste and Embracing AI

    In the 2024 State of FinOps survey, Engineering Enablement has been replaced by a focus on cost and waste reduction. This shows maturity of FinOps as the persona getting the most value from FinOps remains the engineer. The confluence of AI and FinOps observability aims to optimise cloud spend visibility and improve insights into early AI experimentation, as well as sustainability goals.

  • JAX London 2023: Team Dynamics, Developer Platforms, and the Adoption of AI

    For the tenth time, Java fans attended JAX London in the first week of October. The keynotes argued that teams are the real product of software development, soft skills are anything but soft, developers should want to use internal platforms, and that AI won't take developer jobs – developers using AI will. JAX London will return in the first week of October 2024.

  • Accelerate Your Growth and Build Better-Connected Teams at QCon San Francisco Oct 24-28, 2022

    Teams attend QCon to get together, get answers to technical challenges, and get clarity on software decisions, workflows, and roadmaps. QCon San Francisco (Oct 24-28), powered by InfoQ, brings together the world's most innovative senior software engineers, architects, and team leads across multiple domains to share their real-world implementation of emerging trends and practices.

  • Facilitating Team Health Assessments

    Teams can do health assessments to explore and discuss their team’s health and happiness. It’s good to let teams create their own health check, understanding what healthy looks like for the team in question. As facilitators, we can help teams decide where and how to improve.