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  • The Current and Future Landscape of AI and VR

    Cognitive technologies like AI and VR are here to stay, claimed Dr Susie Harding at Women in Tech Dublin 2019. We engage with AI constantly nowadays; it’s all around us, in ways we couldn’t imagine even five years ago. VR technologies haven’t breached the tech wall yet, but they will become more tactile in the coming years.

  • Android Wear: Details on the Developer Preview

    Google has announced Android Wear, the anticipated platform for wearable devices, making available the Developer Preview for those enthusiasts that want to get in touch with this new feature or get a head start in making the first applications tailored for such devices.

  • WebLogic Server 10.3 Adds HTTP Pub/Sub Server, Optional Services Startup and FastSwap Deployment

    WebLogic Server 10.3 technology preview released by BEA systems includes a HTTP Pub/Sub Server for web based clients to send and receive asynchronous messages over HTTP. Other new features in this release include modular server component installation and startup, and application deployments using the new "FastSwap" feature.