Panel: Shogun Showdown

Posted by Jeremy Ashkenas  on  Nov 12, 2012 Posted by Jeremy Ashkenas Follow 0 Followers , Nick Small Follow 0 Followers , Yehuda Katz Follow 0 Followers , Alex MacCaw Follow 0 Followers , Igor Minar Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 12, 2012

Yehuda Katz, Jeremy Ashkenas, Nick Small, Alex MacCaw, and Igor Minar explain what can be done with their JavaScript frameworks, Ember, Batman, Angular, Backbone, Spine.


A Gentle Introduction to Ember

Posted by Tom Dale  on  Nov 05, 2012 3 Posted by Tom Dale Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 05, 2012 3

Tom Dale demoes creating an RSS reader in Ember.js, a JavaScript framework for creating complex web applications.


Asynchronous User Interfaces - How to Lie, Cheat and Steal

Posted by Alex MacCaw  on  Oct 29, 2012 Posted by Alex MacCaw Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 29, 2012

Alex MacCaw discusses the importance of asynchronous UIs, suggesting using Spine, an MVC JavaScript framework, to avoid blocking the UI, storing state + rendering on the client, and preloading data.



Posted by Steve Sanderson  on  Oct 24, 2012 1 Posted by Steve Sanderson Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 24, 2012 1

Steve Sanderson demoes creating a web application with a dynamic UI using Knockout.js - a MVVM JavaScript library.



Posted by Nick Small  on  Oct 16, 2012 Posted by Nick Small Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 16, 2012

Nick Small introduces Batman.js, explaining what it is good for and why one should use it.



Posted by Brad Green  on  Oct 08, 2012 1 Posted by Brad Green Follow 0 Followers , Igor Minar Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 08, 2012 1

Igor Minar and Brad Green demo writing a dynamic web application with AngularJS.


Panel: The Battle of Modest Proportions

Posted by Matt Debergalis  on  Oct 02, 2012 Posted by Matt Debergalis Follow 0 Followers , Jeremy Ashkenas Follow 0 Followers , Tom Dale Follow 0 Followers , Igor Minar Follow 0 Followers , Eric Ferraiuolo Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 02, 2012

Jeremy Ashkenas, Tom Dale, Matt DeBergalis, Eric Ferraiuolo, Igor Minar respond to questions from audience regarding various web application issues.


Mobile Webdev: The Horror

Posted by John Bender  on  Sep 27, 2012 Posted by John Bender Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 27, 2012

John Bender presents the good, the bad, and the ridiculous aspects of doing cross-platform mobile web development, suggesting progressive enhancement as a way to address the existing issues.


Advocatus Diaboli

Posted by Eric Ferraiuolo  on  Sep 21, 2012 2 Posted by Eric Ferraiuolo Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 21, 2012 2

Eric Ferraiuolo discusses techniques for creating fast, responsive websites.


The Best of Both Worlds, CANjs

Posted by Brian Moschel  on  Aug 29, 2012 1 Posted by Brian Moschel Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 29, 2012 1

Brian Moschel introduces CanJS, a lightweight JavaScript framework for writing rich client-side applications, comparing it with with Backbone.js, Ember, and Knockout.



Posted by Jeremy Ashkenas  on  Aug 21, 2012 Posted by Jeremy Ashkenas Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 21, 2012

Jeremy Ashkenas introduces Backbone.js, a JavaScript data modeling framework intended to decouple data handling code from the DOM, being useful especially when the user interacts with the data.