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  • Refactoring and Static Analysis Added to "Data Dude"

    Microsoft has released the first set of power tools for VSDBPro, a.k.a Data Dude. These include refactoring, static analysis, MSBuild tasks for data and schema comparison, and a dependency walker.

  • Getting Agile with MS VSTS for Database Professionals

    Last month, Microsoft released Visual Studio for Database Professionals, one of the first toolsets offered to help teams extend Agile practices to the DBA community. We tracked down some information to help teams and DBAs get started with VSTS for DB Pros.

  • Visual Studio for Database Professionals Released

    Microsoft has developed what they call "tools for building SQL databases in a managed project environment with support for versioning, deployment, unit testing, refactoring, and off-line SQL development." These tools, released under the name Visual Studio for Database Professionals, claim to offer a way to develop databases in the same off-line fashion as traditional applications.

  • MS VSTS for Database Pros Set to Enhance DBA Agility

    Scott Ambler has been writing about "Agile Database" practices since 2002, but the array of supporting tools has been rather skimpy. Now, integrated "Agile DBA" tools are starting to appear. Case in point: Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) for Database Professionals, set for release at the end of this month, which supports TDD practices against the database.

  • Visual Studio Team Edition For Database Professionals

    Microsoft has announced the upcoming availability of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. This product is intended to close the communication gap that all too often exists between database professionals and the rest of the development team.