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  • Sensor Networks - GEOCens finished its Pilot Phase

    In December the GEOCens (Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental Sensing) is finishing its pilot phase, as the not-for-profit organization Cybera has recently published at The software architecture is supposed to improve researcher access to international environmental data drawn from more than 60,000 sensors and 2,800 web map servers.

  • DeepEarth, a Mapping Control Using Silverlight

    DeepEarth is a mapping control combining Microsoft’s Virtual Earth with Silverlight 2.0. The open source project was released on CodePlex by its creators, a team of .NET enthusiasts.

  • Windows Live Tools July CTP for Microsoft Visual Studio

    Windows Live Dev has released the Windows Live Tools July CTP for Microsoft Visual Studio, a set of VS add-ins allowing developers to incorporate Windows Live services into web applications developed with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer Express 2008.

  • Virtual Earth in 2 lines of javascript

    Virtual Earth can now do 3-D maps and three cities are now available: San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Atlanta.