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  • Red Hat Releases Language Support for Java Plugin 1.0 for VSCode

    Red Hat has released version 1.0 of Language support for Java on VSCode that supports Java 17, displaying type hierarchies and improved performance. The source lookup feature has been improved and now supports unmanaged projects and is able to display sources of any library available on Maven central. This release also contains new code actions and support for Gradle files written in Kotlin.

  • Microsoft Launches VSCode.Dev, Visual Studio Code in the Browser

    Microsoft has launched the Cloud-based version of its Visual Studio Code editor through the domain, which offers a lightweight version of the editor which can be run right out from the browser with no installation.

  • Gitpod Announces OpenVSCode Server Project Enabling Developers to Run Upstream VS Code

    Cloud-based developer platform Gitpod recently introduced the open-source project OpenVSCode Server, licensed under MIT. This enables any developer to run upstream and stable VS Code IDE in any modern web browser.

  • Codespaces is GitHub's New Development Platform, Now Supporting Emacs and Vim

    GitHub has moved away from local development environment and adopted Codespaces for its day-to-day development flow. After careful configuration, GitHub achieved a 10 seconds bootstrap time for a new environment. Additionally, now Codespaces support Emacs and Vim besides Visual Studio Code.

  • Visual Studio Code Boosts Java IDE Capabilities

    According to surveys, 25% of Java developers use Microsoft’s free, cross-platform IDE Visual Studio Code. It recently became a more fully-fledged Java IDE: New welcome and configuration screens ease project set-up, new project and hierarchy views make navigation code easier, quality-of-life improvements save coding time, and the Spring framework & Microsoft Azure are better integrated now.

  • .NET News Roundup - Week of May 3rd, 2021

    This past week was marked by a new Visual Studio Code release and Pure Virtual C++, a virtual event hosted by Microsoft. InfoQ examined this and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of May 3rd, 2021.

  • .NET News Roundup - Week of April 12th, 2021

    It's been a busy week for the .NET community, with the release of new Visual Studio previews (Windows and Mac), updates to .NET Core 3.1 and 2.1, new releases from the Azure team, and more. InfoQ examined these and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of April 12th, 2021.

  • .NET News Roundup - Week of March 29th, 2021

    The last week of March was pretty intense in the .NET community, with the release of Project Reunion 0.5, Dapr 1.1, and more. InfoQ examined these and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of March 29th, 2021.

  • .NET News Roundup - Week of March 15th, 2021

    It's been a busy week for the .NET community, with the release of the new Azure SDK, multiple Akka.NET plugins, and the streaming of Include 2021, a digital event host by Microsoft focused on diversity and inclusion. InfoQ examined these and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of March 15th, 2021.

  • Microsoft Releases Bridge to Kubernetes

    Earlier this week, Microsoft released Bridge to Kubernetes, a Visual Studio extension that allows developers to write, test and debug microservice code locally while consuming dependencies from a Kubernetes environment. The purpose of this extension is to simplify microservices development by eliminating the need for extra assets such as a Dockerfile or Kubernetes manifests.

  • Visual Studio Codespaces Is Now GitHub Codespaces

    Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Visual Studio Codespaces is consolidating into GitHub Codespaces. Visual Studio Codespaces is a cloud-based, on-demand development environment similar to Gitpod. The consolidated product supports Azure Functions and can be used with Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Code, and modern browsers.

  • Pylance Is a New Python Language Server for Visual Studio Code

    Microsoft has announced Pylance, a new language server for Python aimed to help programmers write better Python code and improve IntelliSense and Visual Studio Code support for the language. Pylance will eventually replace Microsoft Python Language Server.

  • GitHub Introduces Codespaces, Discussions, and Extends Security Features

    At GitHub Satellite 2020, GitHub announced two new collaboration features: Codespaces, which provide a complete, ready-to-use dev environment within GitHub, and Discussions, aimed to enable the creation of knowledge bases in a threaded Q&A format. Additionally, vulnerability scanning is now integrated within GitHub's main interface, and secret scanning is extended to private repositories, too.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Online: Distributed Development for Visual Studio

    Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the public preview of Visual Studio Online (VSO) at its Ignite conference. The service provides managed development environments that can be used with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. It also features an online code editor with IDE capabilities such as debugging, code completion, and collaborative sessions.

  • Microsoft Web Template Studio: Visual Studio Code Extension for Simplifying Web App Creation

    Last month, Microsoft announced a new version of Web Template Studio, a cross-platform extension for Visual Studio Code aimed at simplifying the creation of new web applications. The extension uses "wizards" to assist the developer in the creation of boilerplate code for full-stack web applications, and it includes support for existing frontend and backend frameworks.