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  • Ian Griffiths on WPF

    Windows Presentation Foundation is a fundamental shift from how interactive applications have previously worked in Windows. In this interview, Ian Griffiths talks about the key features of WPF such as XAML, composition, layout, animation, and data binding. Included is advice on when to use WPF and its sister technology Windows Forms.

    Ian Griffiths on WPF
  • Chris Anderson on WPF

    Chris Anderson one of the chief architects of Windows Presentation Foundation recently published "Essential Windows Presentation Foundation" and since this interview moved to the Connected Systems team at Microsoft. Chris provides insight as to why Microsoft created WPF, the development practices used by the development team and why he thinks WPF is a tipping point for Model Driven Development.

    Chris Anderson on WPF
  • Walt Ritscher on WPF, Web 2.0 and more

    InfoQ sat down with Walt Ritscher at VSLive Toronto to talk about WPF, Web 2.0, and Microsoft code naming conventions. Listen to Walt share where he thinks WPF excels and who will build the killer apps in WPF. Walt provides a quick history on AJAX, where to use it and why it took 7 years to become relevant. Walt also lets us in on his new favorite Windows technology, Windows PowerShell.

    Walt Ritscher on WPF, Web 2.0 and more