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Presentation: Scott Davis on Real World Web Services

by Stefan Tilkov on  Aug 30, 2007 5

In this presentation, recorded at the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium, Scott Davis provides a pragmatic, down-to-earth introduction to Web services as used in the real world by public sites, including SOAP-based, REST and POX-style examples. While the buzzword density leaves nothing to be desired, the presentation contains a very accessible introduction to the core Web services standards.

Interview: Jim Webber on "Guerilla SOA"

by Stefan Tilkov on  Aug 24, 2007 5

In this InfoQ interview, recorded at QCon London, Jim Webber, ThoughtWorks SOA practice leader talks to Stefan Tilkov about Guerilla SOA, a lightweight approach to SOA that does not rely on big middleware products, a message-oriented architectural style called MEST and its differences to REST, and the SOAP Service Description Language (SSDL).

W3C Publishes an Update to Guide to Versioning XML Schema 1.1

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Aug 21, 2007

The W3C published last month an update to its "Guide to Versioning XML Languages Using new XML Schema 1.1 features" which details the new features of XML Schema 1.1 in the context of schema versioning. They represent real advances for web service practitioners and should become part of your guidelines and best practices when the W3C releases XML Schema 1.1.

WSDL 2.0 approved as an official W3C Recommendation

by Hartmut Wilms on  Jul 01, 2007 3

WSDL 2.0 has finally been approved as an official World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation on June 27 2007. The Web Services Description Working Group has been working on the standards for more than 6 years. The recommendation was due on the 31st of December 2006 but has received an extension to the 30th of June this year.

Debate: Does REST Need a Description Language?

by Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz on  Jun 06, 2007 7

Following up on the debate of REST vs. WS-* discussed here last week, it is interesting to note a debate about "contracts" for RESTful services that has been picking up pace over the last few days.

Enunciate: Java code-first, compiled-contract WS deployment framework

by James Kao on  Apr 03, 2007

enunciate 1.0, a J2EE web service deployment framework that provides a complete development-to-deployment system for creating SOAP, REST, and JSON endpoints, was released last week. enunciate is not a web service stack like Axis2 or XFire. Rather, it uses XFire and Spring to provide a code-first development model (not in itself novel) that enforces compatibility contracts at compile time.

WADL REST API description language getting some attention

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Mar 19, 2007 6

Many REST API description languages exist but none have seen major uptake; recently WADL has been getting more attention. Yahoo!'s Mark Nottingham is maintaining a stylesheet to generate docs from WADL. Google's Thomas Steiner unveiled plans for a Google project for generating language specific clients from WADL, & generateing WADL from documentation. Sun is adding WADL tools to SDWP.

Does WSDL 2.0 Matter?

by Mark Little on  Jan 03, 2007 1

WSDL has always been one of the key components on which Web Services have been built. The WS-Addressing working group has had trouble getting enough implementations within the technical committee to ratify their own proposed work with WSDL 2.0. How important is this delay to the take-up of WSDL 2.0? Is WSDL 2.0 right for the industry anyway?

Interview: Pete Lacey Criticizes Web Services

by Stefan Tilkov on  Dec 12, 2006 31

Pete Lacey, author of the "S stands for Simple" dialogue talks to InfoQ about the problems he sees with Web services in general, and SOAP, WSDL and UDDI in particular.

InfoQ Article: Mark Baker on "The Lost Art of Separating Concerns"

by Stefan Tilkov on  Dec 04, 2006 36

In a short article, Mark Baker claims the default approach to SOA development fails to properly separate concerns, and describes how this is different in Web architecture.

S Stands for Simple

by Stefan Tilkov on  Nov 21, 2006 2

With a very funny blog post that takes a critical look at the history of SOAP, written in the form of a dialogue between a Web services expert and a hypothetical developer, Pete Lacey has started an amazing chain of postings.

Java SOAP Framework XFire 1.2 Released

by Scott Delap on  Aug 28, 2006 6

XFire, the high performance Java SOAP framework from Codehaus has released version 1.2, the last version before the project merges with Celtix into Apache CeltiXfire. XFire includes such features as Spring integration, JBI support, and pluggable bindings for POJOs, JAXB, and XMLBeans. Improvements since version 1.1 include JiBX data binding, Aegis binding inheritance, and HTTP GZIP.

InfoQ Article - Give it a REST: Mark Baker on Web Services

by Stefan Tilkov on  Aug 28, 2006 4

InfoQ's Stefan Tilkov talks to REST evangelist Mark Baker about REST principles, its benefits, and the relationship to Web services.

WS-MetadataExchange 1.1 Published

by Stefan Tilkov on  Aug 17, 2006

WS-MetadataExchange, the Web service standard that specifies how information about a service's interface, policy, and other metadata can be retrieved at runtime, has been updated to version 1.1.

Project Tango - WCF And Java Interop

by David Totzke on  May 23, 2006 1

Sun Microsystems has launched the open source initiative called Project Tango. Windows Communications Foundation Engineers are working together with Java Web Services Engineers on the interoperability of enterprise features.