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WS-MetadataExchange 1.1 Published

by Stefan Tilkov on  Aug 17, 2006

WS-MetadataExchange, the Web service standard that specifies how information about a service's interface, policy, and other metadata can be retrieved at runtime, has been updated to version 1.1.

Project Tango - WCF And Java Interop

by David Totzke on  May 23, 2006 1

Sun Microsystems has launched the open source initiative called Project Tango. Windows Communications Foundation Engineers are working together with Java Web Services Engineers on the interoperability of enterprise features.

Article: Simple JAVA and .NET SOA interoperability

by Diana Plesa on  May 10, 2006 4

.NET and Java interop can be made really simple using a REST documentcentric approach. This article compares a REST and SOAP approach to interop as well as the advantages of using HTTP POST vs. GET for REST invocations.