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  • Improvements for ASP.NET Web Forms

    Though ASP.NET Web Forms isn’t part of the vNext initiative it isn’t being ignored. As part of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 it has picked up some new tooling, EF integration, and Roslyn support.

  • Comma Delimited Cookies in ASP.NET with Parser Tool

    ASP.NET doesn't provide support for comma delimited cookies. However, you can use comma character by creating a parser tool. Why reinvent the wheel when Keyvan Nayyeri has created a tool for this purpose.

  • ASP.NET - Data Access Guidance

    Microsoft has published Data Access Guidance for ASP.NET 4.5. Most of the changes are related to new features in 4.5, such as those in Web Forms and the new ASP.NET Web API.

  • FriendlyUrls – For ASP.NET WebForms

    FriendlyUrls is a new ASP.NET feature that allows developers to easily use pretty urls in their web forms applications. It also makes it easier to manage both Mobile and Desktop views in the same project, similar to MVC. Scott Hanselman explains more.

  • Navigation Makes ASP.NET WebForms More Testable

    Navigation is a library that makes ASP.NET Web Forms more testable by moving the CRUD logic out of the codebehind files. Graham Mendick’s article “Unit Testing in the Navigation..” explores some of the features and how unit tests can be written.

  • .NET 4.5 Raises the Bar for Web Development Productivity

    With the release of .NET 4.5 nearing, Microsoft has started to pull back the curtain on the next version of their development platform. While there has been a lot of fanfare around Metro and Windows 8, the improvements made to the core features of .NET, which have traditionally focused on web, service, and data development, may steal the show in the short term.

  • Fluqi Makes JQuery Simpler

    Fluqi provides a generic Widget builder for JQuery that allows you to visually create and customize JQuery UI widgets and then use the generated markup and JavaScript in your own application. It also provides a .NET API, in form of a fluent interface to use and configure JQuery UI controls in your server side code.

  • Partial Caching and ASP.NET

    When it comes to performance developers often need to turn to partial page caching. This report looks at the current state of caching in ASP.NET and introduces a new project for MVC 3 called MvcDonutCaching.

  • Update to .NET Framework 4

    A General Distribution Release of .NET 4 was published on the 11th of June. This includes numerous fixes and features, many of which were previously published as individual hot fixes. There are also updates to the HTML 5 and portable library support. For your convenience we have sorted the fix list by technology. For the complete list, including file versions, see KB 2468871.

  • Asynchronous Patterns in ASP.NET Web Forms vNext

    Asynchronous programming is all the range these days and for good reason, when properly used it can significantly improve the throughput of I/O bound applications. And while some may think this of the realm of new and esoteric languages, even Web Forms is getting in on the game.

  • Model Binders in Web Forms vNext

    Despite claims of its death, ASP.NET Web Forms is still a very popular framework and Microsoft is continuing to invest heavily in it. Web Forms vNext offers significant improvements in several areas including strongly typed, two-way data binding.