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  • WinJS Goes Open Source, Adds Windows Phone 8.1 Support

    The Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS) is now fully open source and no longer limited to the Microsoft platform. Alongside this announcement, the 2.1 release adds support for Windows Phone 8.1.

  • More Capabilities at a Higher Speed: WinJS 2.0

    More features and faster execution speed highlight the advantages of WinJS 2.0. Developers have several new controls to choose from, and many existing controls have improved performance with more features that include better keyboard support and layout options.

  • Threading in the Windows Runtime: Part 2

    The information in part 2 of Threading in the Windows Runtime deals with the internals of the threading model. This section, originally presented by Marytn Lovell at Build 2013, is intended to be trivia or possible useful in debugging, but not necessary for day to day development. For more practical information, please refer to part one of InfoQ’s key points summary.

  • Threading in the Windows Runtime: Part 1

    During the Build 2013 conference Marytn Lovell revealed some of the inner workings of the WinRT threading model. While .NET developers may be surprised at its complexity, especially when multiple windows are involved, traditional COM developers are going to be relieved to learn that it is much simpler than what they are used to.