Build Machines, Windows 7, and Classic ADO

by Jonathan Allen Follow 612 Followers on  Oct 19, 2011

Imagine you are doing maintenance on an application from the late 90’s that uses the classic ADO libraries. The recompiled code works fine on any Windows 7 SP1 machine, but mysteriously crashes on the Windows XP machines that have been running the program for nearly a decade. This is the problem facing lots of maintenance developers.


Native Extensions further to blur the boundary between Silverlight and WPF

by Jonathan Allen Follow 612 Followers on  Mar 08, 2011

Designed for use with “out-of-browser” instances of Silverlight, it uses COM automation to expose features specific to Windows 7. The major feature areas include Message Interception, Sensor API, H.264 video encoding, taskbar extensions, Speech API, and access to portable devices.


Accessing Windows 7 Features from Silverlight

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Jan 21, 2011

Microsoft has released a library exposing Windows 7 features – sensors, speech, devices, taskbar, touch – to Silverlight Out-of-Browser applications running with elevated trust.


Sun Releases Java 6 Update 18 With Significant Performance Improvements and Windows 7 Support

by Charles Humble Follow 933 Followers on  Jan 20, 2010 5

Sun is updating Java 6 for the first time this year providing fixes for over 300 bugs, plus Windows 7 support, and a significant number of performance improvements. These include a 30%-40% performance gain when using the default Parallel Scavenger garbage collector on machines based on a NUMA architecture with Solaris or Linux as the OS.


Silverlight 3 is Bringing Multi-Touch to the Web

by Jonathan Allen Follow 612 Followers on  Oct 05, 2009 2

Using Silverlight 3, web developers can offer multi-touch applications to their Windows 7 users.


Introducing the Windows 7 API Code Pack for .NET

by Jonathan Allen Follow 612 Followers on  Aug 12, 2009

The “Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework” is a wrapper that exposes Windows functionality to .NET developers. The wrapper is written primarily in C#, with the DirectX functionality in C++/CLI. The source code is available, but it isn’t licensed as open source.


Windows 7 RTM Available For Download

by Jon Arild Tørresdal Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 06, 2009

Today Microsoft made Windows 7 (English) available for download for MSDN and TechNet subscribers. Windows 7 will be available for general consumers October 22nd. A complete list of the different availability dates for all type of customers can be found at the Windows 7 blog.


Windows 7’s Graphics Engine Wants to be Better than Vista’s

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Jun 18, 2009 1

The Windows 7 graphics engine changes the way DWM, introduced with Vista, works, it also comes with new APIs, D2D and DWrite, a new Direct3D 11, and better handling of multiple output devices.


Accessing Windows 7 with Windows API Code Pack for .NET

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Jun 09, 2009

Microsoft has made available Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework (v0.85), a library useful to access new Windows 7 features, including Vista ones, from managed code. This library is not included in .NET 4.0.


Supporting Applications on Windows 7

by Jon Arild Tørresdal Follow 0 Followers on  May 08, 2009

Windows 7 is getting closer to RTM and RC1 was recently made available for download (feature complete). Tim Sneath, director of the Windows and Silverlight technical evangelism team, have recently covered some of the resources available to developers looking to support Windows 7, as well as how to take advantage of the new features available.


Reporter's Notebook: What I learned from PDC

by Jonathan Allen Follow 612 Followers on  Nov 05, 2008

The watch-word isn't "cloud computing" or "scalability", it's trust. For all the cool stuff surrounding Windows Azure, literally no one on the floor was talking about actually using it. Even for products that can be partially hosted in-house like Mesh people are saying "Cool, but I can never use it".


Microsoft Bringing Multitouch to Windows

by Jonathan Allen Follow 612 Followers on  Oct 26, 2008

Microsoft is planning on publicly releasing the Surface SDK at this year's PDC. This is seen by some as the next step towards bringing their multitouch technology to the Windows operating system.


Windows 7 Is to Be Called, Well, Windows 7

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Oct 14, 2008 2

Mike Nash, Corporate Vice President, Windows Product Management at Microsoft, has announced the name of the next version of Windows client operating system: Windows 7.


Windows 7 Will Be the Next Operating System from Microsoft

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  May 29, 2008

Chris Flores, a Microsoft director on the Windows Client Communications Team, talks about the future of Windows.


MinWin Core: 25MB on Disk and 100 Files

by James Vastbinder Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 26, 2007 7

The Microsoft MinWin core is 25MB in size on disk and contains 100 files total. This appears to be a major overhaul of Windows when contrasted with a minimal install of Windows Vista at 4GB on disk and 5000 files in size.

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