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  • Accessing Wolfram|Alpha’s Knowledge Through Webservice API

    Wolfram|Alpha now has a Webservice API which can be used by web applications, desktop or mobile, to query the Wolfram|Alpha engine.

  • Interview on Wolfram|Alpha, a Computational Knowledge Engine

    Wolfram|Alpha was launched two months ago. It is time to review a few frequently asked questions: What is the relationship between Wolfram|Alpha and Google? How would Wolfram|Alpha position itself in the market? To what extent is Wolfram|Alpha a Semantic Web search engine? And how could Wolfram| Alpha make profit in the market? An interview with Xiang Wang, Wolfram Research, China.

  • Wolfram|Alpha, the Details Behind the Rhombic Hexecontahedron

    Wolfram|Alpha uses symbolic computation in an attempt to make the world’s systematic knowledge computable. It does that by accepting a linguistic input not a custom set of formulas. The main components of the system are a data curation pipeline, an algorithmic computation system, a linguistic processing system, and an automated presentation system.