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  • Promoting Empathy and Inclusion in Technical Writing

    Empathy is the first step in practicing sustainable, genuine inclusion. If persons or groups of people feel unwelcome because of the language being used in a community, its products, or documentation, then the words can be changed. Identifying divisive language can help to make changes to the words that we use.

  • Words Matter in Documentation to Build Better User Experience

    The language that we use in our products or documentation can make people feel unwelcome or hurt people. We can choose words that are precise, not dependent on complex metaphors, and convey messages without negative connotations.

  • How Open Source Can Pave the Path Towards a Staff+ Role

    Open source contributions and long-term community engagement can help you on your path to a staff+ engineer role. Written communication skills are key for the async and remote work which is common in open source. Your contributions should be aligned with business needs, which can give you visibility that opens up career possibilities. Alex Porcelli presented at QCon London 2022.

  • Readable Code - Why, How and When You Should Write It

    Most people would say they want readable code, and may even prefer readability over functionality. But when it comes down to asking people to define readability, opinions will start to diverge. At Explore DDD 2018 , Laura Savino covered why we want readable code, what it really means to be readable, and when readability absolutely must take priority over other considerations.

  • Author, Teacher, and Consultant Jerry Weinberg Passed Away

    Gerald M. “Jerry” Weinberg, author, teacher, and consultant, passed away August 7, 2018, at the age of 84. Weinberg published about 100 books on computer programming, systems thinking, leadership, change, consulting, and writing.

  • Better Engineering via Better Discourse

    Killing opposition with kindness is a real strategy in online discussions; there is power to disarm in acting as if the other party did not intend to be insulting or condescending. Accept that there will be bias in online communication, use facts and reason to deal with it, and practice awareness of bias and attempt to compensate.

  • Testers Should Think Like Marketeers

    Testers should be sharing stories and talking about the things they care about, to get people interested in what they are doing. The future of testing needs testers to think like marketeers. They can start by making or writing something such as a blog, article, talk, or video, and share it.

  • Writing an Article for the AgileQ

    InfoQ's AgileQ team has decided to publish more community articles. If you have knowledge to share to help others with their real-world issues in understanding, adopting, and adapting Agile principles, values, and practices then consider submitting an article for publication at InfoQ.