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Architecting a Modern Financial Institution with Vitor Olivier, Thoughts on Immutability, CI/CD, FP

This podcast hits on topics from several of Nubank’s recent QCon talks and includes things like: Nubank’s stack, functional programming, event sourcing, defining service boundaries, recommendations on reasoning about services, tips (or tweaks) on the second iteration of their initial architecture and more.

| Posted on Jan 12, 2018 with Vitor Olivier Follow 4 Followers

Architecture & Design Follow 2247 Followers

Randy Shoup on Stitch Fix's Technology Stack, Data Science and Microservices

| Posted on Nov 11, 2016 with Randy Shoup Follow 22 Followers

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Joshua Kerievsky and Heidi Helfand on High Performance via Psychological Safety

In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Joshua Kerievsky, CEO of Industrial Logic, and Heidi Helfand, Director of Engineering Excellence at Procore Technologies and author of the book Dynamic Reteaming, about their talk High Performance via Psychological Safety.

| Posted on Sep 18, 2017 with Joshua Kerievsky Follow 3 Followers , Heidi Helfand Follow 1 Followers

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Jez Humble on Making Continuous Delivery Work and Responding to Discrimination in Tech

| Posted on Aug 21, 2017 with Jez Humble Follow 12 Followers

Culture & Methods Follow 743 Followers

Rosalind Radcliffe on the Non-Challenges to Continuous Delivery on Mainframe

| Posted on May 29, 2017 with Rosalind Radcliffe Follow 0 Followers

Culture & Methods Follow 743 Followers

Kaila Colbin on the Nature of Technological Innovation and the Implications for Society

| Posted on Mar 27, 2017 with Kaila Colbin Follow 0 Followers

Culture & Methods Follow 743 Followers

Michael Lopp on Designing Culture for Sustainable Growth

| Posted on Mar 06, 2017 with Michael Lopp Follow 0 Followers

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