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  • REST Anti-Patterns

    In this article, Stefan Tilkov explains some of the most common anti-patterns found in applications that claim to follow a "RESTful" design and suggests ways to avoid them: tunneling everything through GET or POST, ignoring caching, response codes, misusing cookies, forgetting hypermedia and MIME types, and breaking self-descriptiveness.

  • Creating Product Owner Success

    The role of the Scrum Product Owner is powerful, but challenging to implement. Success can bring a new and healthy relationship between customers/product management and development, even competitive advantage, but it comes at a price: organizational change is often required. In this article Roman Pichler looks at what it takes to succeed as a Product Owner.

  • Improvement, Success and Failure: Scrum Adoption in China

    This recent inquiry, by InfoQ China editor Jacky Li, picked 5 very different cases of Scrum adoption in China, which got different results, and asked: Why did you use Scrum? How did you adopt it? What problems did you encounter, and why did it succeed or fail? Despite the small sample size, it's an interesting comparison, pointing out that improvement doesn't ensure success.

  • Don't Let Miscommunication Spiral Out Of Control

    We miscommunicate every day, with results ranging from trivial to catastrophic. In this seasonally themed article, J. B. Rainsberger shares one of his secret weapons - the Satir Communication Model. It's a thinking tool to help us analyze troubling conversations, and to more deeply understand the people around us, building trust, the first step towards building an effective team.

  • Do Agile Practices Make it an Agile Project?

    Use of Agile methodologies is growing, but this comes with its own challenges: including the possibility of dilution as teams copy practices rather than growing them, implementing them without understanding. Perhaps it's time to talk about how failure to teach the basics puts much at risk: the integrity and engagement of team members, and the trust of their customers.


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