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    A Comparison between Rust and Erlang

    by Krishna Kumar Thokala Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 13, 2018 6

    This article will focus on a comparison between Erlang and Rust, detailing their similarities and differences. It may be interesting to both Erlang developers looking into Rust and Rust developers looking into Erlang. A final section will detail more about each of the language capabilities and shortcomings and argue for the possibility of leveraging both languages' strengths in the same project.

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    GDPR for Operations

    by Jon Topper Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 10, 2018 1

    With GDPR, taking care of personal data is an organisation-wide responsibility, but in the operations we can provide a lot of supporting tools to help deal with the multiple facets of this problem.

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    Why Software Estimation Is More Important Now Than Ever

    by Larry Putnam Jr Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 08, 2018 9

    In a world trending away from traditional waterfall and toward agile development methodologies, it would be understandable to assume that there is no longer a need for software project estimation. However, that assumption would be wrong - estimation is still a very valuable practice, even in organizations that are dependent upon agile development methodologies.

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Four Priceless Tactics to Create Top-Tier Homegrown Talent

Posted by Lori Wagoner Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 07, 2018

Nurturing in-house talent is one of the fastest and most sustainable ways of building a brand and ensuring long-term profits. It keeps your people motivated and working earnestly towards shared goals.

.NET Follow 247 Followers

First Hand Account of SignalR Core

Posted by Geovanny Alzate Sandoval Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 04, 2018

SignalR Core is designed to make it easy for developers to add real-time (server-side push) functionality to their web applications. The latest alpha release is toured first-hand.

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Holacracy for Humans

Posted by Sandy Mamoli Follow 1 Followers on  Mar 03, 2018

Snapper, a transport ticketing service provider, introduced Holacracy which enables people to act more like entrepreneurs and self-direct their work instead of waiting to be told what to do.

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Top 10 Lessons in Building a Distributed Engineering Team

Posted by Bruno Miranda Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 01, 2018

Bruno explains lessons Learned from Building a Distributed Engineering Team over the past 7 years. From recruiting, to establishing an early-on connection, to optimizing for retention and quality.

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Debugging Distributed Systems: Q&A with the “Squash” Microservice Debugger Creator Idit Levine

Posted by Daniel Bryant Follow 549 Followers on  Feb 26, 2018

InfoQ recently sat down with Idit Levine, CEO of and creator of the new open source “Squash” microservices debugger, and discussed the challenges of observing and debugging microservices.

Culture & Methods Follow 485 Followers

Distributed Agile Leadership

Posted by John Okoro Follow 1 Followers on  Feb 25, 2018

Even with the best of planning for your distributed Agile team, without good leadership, all of that planning can come to naught. This article looks at relevant distributed Agile leadership trends.

Cloud Follow 224 Followers

Serverless Security: What's Left to Protect?

Posted by Guy Podjarny Follow 1 Followers on  Feb 23, 2018

This article aims to provide a broad understanding of security in the Serverless world. We'll consider the ways in which Serverless improves. changes, and hurts security.

DevOps Follow 582 Followers

Distributed Tracing: Exploring the Past, Present and Future with Dapper, Zipkin and LightStep [x]PM

Posted by Daniel Bryant Follow 549 Followers on  Feb 20, 2018

Distributing tracing is increasingly seen as an essential component for observing distributed systems and microservices. This article provides an introduction to and overview of this technique. 1

Culture & Methods Follow 485 Followers

Regression Testing Strategies: an Overview

Posted by Tatiana Bessonova Follow 2 Followers on  Feb 19, 2018

This overview will help you map an efficient regression testing strategy with a focus on testing methods, testing approaches and development methodologies. 1

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