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    Virtual Panel: Succeeding with Event Sourcing

    by Richard Seroter Follow 4 Followers on  Feb 15, 2018

    Why should you use event sourcing as a data storage and retrieval technique? What are the architectural implications? When should you use platforms versus frameworks to satisfy requirements? InfoQ interviewed two experts to learn more.

  • Culture & Methods Follow 483 Followers

    Q&A on the Book Improving Agile Retrospectives

    by Ben Linders Follow 18 Followers on  Feb 14, 2018

    The book Improving Agile Retrospectives by Marc Loeffler provides practices and approaches for doing agile retrospectives that support continuous improvement. According to Loeffler, agile retrospectives are workshops which need to be prepared and facilitated well in order to be beneficial to teams.

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    When Streams Fail: Implementing a Resilient Apache Kafka Cluster at Goldman Sachs

    by Daniel Bryant Follow 548 Followers on  Feb 13, 2018 4

    At QCon New York, Anton Gorshkov presented “When Streams Fail: Kafka Off the Shore”. The talk shared insight into how a platform team at a large financial institution design and operate shared internal messaging clusters like Apache Kafka, and also how they plan for, and resolve, the inevitable failure that occurs.

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How Cryptocurrencies are Changing the IT Industry

Posted by Eugene Kyselov Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 12, 2018

Blockchain has gathered wide attention beyond the confines of cryptocurrencies. InfoQ has spoken to Blockchain developer Eugene Kyselov to learn about how Blockchain is changing the world. 2

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PAL (Planned Agile Leadership) Schedule

Posted by Leigh Koetter Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 11, 2018

The PAL Schedule harmonizes agile methodologies with the constraints of fixed deployment dates for software package implementations. Define high level groupings tied to sprint deliverables.

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Building a CI System with Java 9 Modules and Vert.x Microservices

Posted by Uday Tatiraju Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 09, 2018

Java 9 and Vert.x microservices are compatible for building applications, as showcased by this example application that implements a minimal, but working CI system.

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Migrating Batch ETL to Stream Processing: A Netflix Case Study with Kafka and Flink

Posted by Daniel Bryant Follow 548 Followers on  Feb 08, 2018

At QCon NY, Shriya Arora presented “Personalising Netflix with Streaming Datasets” and discussed a migration of a data processing job from batch-style ETL to stream processing using Apache Flink.

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The Kubernetes Effect

Posted by Bilgin Ibryam Follow 4 Followers on  Feb 07, 2018

To successfully design for, implement, and run applications on Kubernetes requires knowledge of primitives, and awareness of design principles and practices. This article provides an overview. 1

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Advice on Starting Your Own Software Company

Posted by Boris Shiklo Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 06, 2018

No matter how great your idea is, there are a lot of down-to-earth things which should be considered and carefully planned if you want to found a software company and ensure its survival.

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Is Project Treble the Answer to Android Updates?

Posted by Shahid Mansuri Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 05, 2018

Project Treble attempts to remedy Android fragmentation by making it easier for manufacturers to speed up their update cycles. This article will discuss its architecture and chances of success.

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Q&A on the Book The Startup Way

Posted by Ben Linders Follow 18 Followers on  Feb 02, 2018

The book The Startup Way by Eric Ries explores how large organizations can use startup techniques to innovate and accelerate growth. It provides methods for creating a transformation roadmap.

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DevOps and Cloud InfoQ Trends Report - January 2018

Posted by Manuel Pais Follow 8 Followers , Daniel Bryant Follow 548 Followers , Richard Seroter Follow 4 Followers , Chris Swan Follow 423 Followers , Steffen Opel Follow 2 Followers on  Jan 31, 2018

This article, following on from the Culture and Methods piece we published last week, provides a summary of how we currently see the operations space, which for us is mainly DevOps and cloud. 3

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