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    Customize Your Agile Approach: Select Your Agile Approach That Fits Your Context

    by Johanna Rothman Follow 3 Followers on  Oct 22, 2017

    This is the first in a series of articles that will help you think about how you might want to customize your agile approach for your context. This article explores how to make agile approaches work for you: your work, your team, and your organization. It's about understanding the difference between iteration, flow, and cadence and when you might consider each to customize your agile approach.

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    Defining Cloud Native: A Panel Discussion

    by Richard Seroter Follow 3 Followers on  Oct 20, 2017

    What is "cloud-native", why should you care, and how can your team adopt this way of delivering software? InfoQ gathered three industry experts to debate the topic.

  • Culture & Methods Follow 277 Followers

    Q&A on the Book Executive’s Guide to Disciplined Agile

    by Ben Linders Follow 12 Followers on  Oct 19, 2017

    The Executive’s Guide to Disciplined Agile explains how disciplined agile works at different levels in the organization. It provides a framework with principles and practices to help you to streamline information technology and business processes in a context-sensitive manner.

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Big Data and Big Money: The Role of Data in the Financial Sector

Posted by Jennifer Q. Trelewicz Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 17, 2017

When we consider the 3Vs of big data— volume, velocity, and variety—it is hard to think of many sectors whose requirements fit so nicely into the guidelines at finance.

DevOps Follow 353 Followers

Q&A with Elton Stoneman on Migrating Workloads and Running Docker on Windows

Posted by Manuel Pais Follow 8 Followers on  Oct 13, 2017

InfoQ spoke with Elton Stoneman, author of the book Docker on Windows to understand how to run containers on Windows and which kind of workloads are a good choice for migration.

Data Science Follow 376 Followers

User Anonymity on Twitter

Posted by Sai Teja Peddinti Follow 0 Followers , Keith W Ross Follow 0 Followers , Justin Cappos Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 12, 2017

This article explores whether it is possible to build automated classifiers to detect sensitive Twitter accounts.

Culture & Methods Follow 277 Followers

Retiring Mainframe Programmers: Should I Care?

Posted by Don Denoncourt Follow 2 Followers on  Oct 11, 2017

Mainframes manage 70% of the world’s transactions but its developer workforce is rapidly retiring. Don talks about the current state of mainframe apps and a solution for dealing will skills loss 33

Java Follow 483 Followers

The Java Evolution of Eclipse Collections

Posted by Kristen O'Leary Follow 2 Followers on  Oct 09, 2017

Learn about new Java 8 features in Eclipse Collections, a high performance Java Collections framework, and see some of the new things we’ve done to prepare for Java 9. 1

Cloud Follow 108 Followers

Understanding Cloud Native Infrastructure: Interview with Justin Garrison and Kris Nova

Posted by Richard Seroter Follow 3 Followers on  Oct 08, 2017

"Cloud Native Infrastructure "from O’Reilly Media is a collection of guidance about building and managing modern infrastructure. InfoQ reached out to the authors to learn more about their ideas.

Culture & Methods Follow 277 Followers

Offshoring Agile When You Are a Startup

Posted by Ben Linders Follow 12 Followers on  Oct 03, 2017

Working with an offshore partner becomes faster and cheaper as communication technologies improve. It is possible to achieve agility with an offshore team as long as you understand the limitations. 1

.NET Follow 154 Followers

Detecting and Analyzing Redundant Code

Posted by Zebedee Mason Follow 1 Followers on  Oct 02, 2017

As software development projects grow in scope, it is very easy for them to add redundant layers of code. The author provides his findings from his recent analysis of several open source projects. 4

Culture & Methods Follow 277 Followers

Q&A on "The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide"

Posted by Ben Linders Follow 12 Followers on  Oct 01, 2017

The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide answers questions that new and experienced developers often have in advancing their careers.

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