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InfoQ Homepage Articles Article Series: Cloud Migration

Article Series: Cloud Migration



Organizations are rapidly adopting cloud technologies, but migration is still proving to be a challenge. What should you look out for? What applications make the most sense to migrate? How should applications get refactored to be cloud friendly? What are some lessons learned by those making the move?

In this series of articles, you get practical advice from those who have experience helping companies successfully move to cloud environments. There is an area that deserves significant attention, and we hope that you'll participate in the conversation.



The Cloud Migration Checklist

Are you in the process of moving applications to a public cloud? You’re not alone. 451 Research says that 46% of 2015 IT budgets are going towards off-premises systems, with that number expected to climb to over 50% within the next three years. In this article, Richard Seroter explores four stages in a cloud migration lifecycle and the questions to answer before exiting each one.


Why You Should Definitely Migrate Existing Apps to the Cloud

In this article, Basant Singh explores various benefits of migrating your existing apps to the cloud in detail so that you can make an informed decision.




Transitioning to Cloud Native Applications and Beyond

Enterprises have continued to accelerate their adoption of cloud infrastructures. As this shift continues, it is important to understand what this means to applications that run in cloud environments and Ross Jimenez helps us do this.



Anatomy of a Cloud Migration Program: Q&A with Tim Beerman

Many cloud providers offer services to onboard new customers into the cloud. What advice can they give us on how to prepare for a migration, what pitfalls to avoid, and what types of apps are the best fit for the cloud? To learn more, InfoQ reached out to Tim Beerman, the VP of Customer Onboarding with CenturyLink.




Series Manager

Richard Seroter is the VP of Product for the CenturyLink Cloud, a Microsoft MVP, instructor for developer-centric training company Pluralsight, editor for cloud computing, and author of multiple books on application integration strategies.

He is a recognized public speaker and has spoken at events around the world. Richard maintains a regularly updated blog on topics of architecture and solution design and can be found on Twitter as @rseroter.




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