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InfoQ Homepage Articles Article Series: Next Generation HTML5 and JavaScript

Article Series: Next Generation HTML5 and JavaScript


The Web Platform has gone a long way since HTML5 was first made popular and people started looking into JavaScript as a language that could do build complex apps. Many APIs have emerged and there is an abundance of content out there about how the browser can leverage all this.

This article series goes a step further and focuses on how these powerful technologies can be leveraged in practise, not to building cool demos and prototypes, but how real practitioners use them in the trenches.

In this (post)HTML5 series, we go beyond buzzwords and get practical insights from experts about what has actually worked for them. We also talk about technologies that go a step further, and define the future of how the standards and web development will evolve.




Virtual Panel: Real-world JavaScript MVC Frameworks





InfoQ editor Dio Synodinos asked the opinion of experts practitioners about how they use these frameworks and the best practices they follow when developing JavaScript applications. The participating panelists: Igor MinarMatteo Pagliazzi, Julien KnebelBrad Dunbar, John Munsch, Julio Cesar Ody and Thomas Davis.


Towards a Resolution-Independent Web with SVG  

In this article, Angelos Chaidas examines the advantages of using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as the preferred format for the graphic assets of any web or mobile web project. The aim here is not to deter designers and developers from the proven method of using raster formats (PNG / JPEG) but rather to showcase how usage of SVGs can enhance the workflow of any web project.


React.js in Real Life at Codecademy

Codecademy recently switched to React.js for their front-end learning environment. While many React examples are basic, author Bonnie Eisenman goes over how to use React in a large, critical environment.



Q&A with Matthew Carver on The Responsive Web

Responsive web design is an important part of the modern web and a must-have skill for web developers. The Responsive Web by Matt Carver provides an introduction and suggestions on how to get started. Beginning with the what and why and moving all the way to some advanced techniques, Carver provides a solid overview of an essential tool in the modern web developer's toolbox.


The Modern JavaScript Developer’s Toolbox

The toolbox of the modern JavaScript developer has changed a lot in the last 20 years. From IDEs to build automation tools, there are plenty of options for developers. Choosing the best JavaScript library is only part of the process. Linters, bundlers, and minifiers are essential to productivity and performance when building modern web apps. In this article, David Haney tackles these aspects and much more.



Series Manager


David Iffland is the founder of Heavy Code, an independent software studio, and Principal Software Developer at the University of Illinois.

He has over 15 years of experience building custom web applications and specializes in JavaScript and C#. Outside of software, David is an avid woodworker and loves camping with his family.

He tweets at @daveiffland and writes about software at Notebook Heavy.







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