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  • Debunking Common Refactoring Misconceptions

    by Danijel Arsenovski on  Jul 16, 2008 10

    In comparison to Java, an emphasis on continuous refactoring is still relatively new in .NET. Besides having few ardent proponents, many myths linger around what refactoring really is and how it applies to the development process in general. Danijel Arsenovski, author of Professional Refactoring in Visual Basic, attempts to dispel some of these myths.

  • Software Development Lessons Learned from Poker

    by Jay Fields on  Apr 26, 2008 3

    There is no silver bullet. We know it, but don't act like it. Your language, tool or process is better, right? Jay Fields says: "It depends". The right choices varies with context, people, and more. This article touches upon how a lot of things must impact a choice; learning culture, skill levels, teamwork, incomplete information, metrics - and context.

  • Version Control for Multiple Agile Teams

    by Henrik Kniberg on  Mar 31, 2008 20

    When several agile development teams work on the same codebase, how do we minimize chaos, and ensure there's a clean, releasable version at the end of every iteration? Here Henrik Kniberg outlines the scheme used in "Scrum and XP from the Trenches". This paper is not so much for version control experts as for the rest of us, who just want to learn simple and useful ways to collaborate.

Better Best Practices

Posted by Dan North on  Mar 11, 2008

Many organizations loves best practices and thinks it helps. In this article, Dan North shows how they can not only fail to help, but even have a severe negative impact on your top performers. 17

Architecture as Language: A story

Posted by Markus Völter on  Feb 27, 2008

Architecture is often described non-tangible in documents or is entirely technology-driven. Markus Völter describes a third approach; to evolve a formal language of your architecture. 10

NetBeans: Ruby Developer's New Best Friend (Part 3)

Posted by Roman Strobl on  Feb 17, 2008

In the third and final article of the Netbeans Ruby series, Roman Strobl, covers quick fixes, RSpec support, and additional plugins of use to Ruby developers. 4

Kanban Applied to Software Development: from Agile to Lean

Posted by Kenji Hiranabe on  Jan 14, 2008

Many teams optimize only a portion of the software value stream, but Kenji Hiranabe shows how we can adapt Lean Manufacturing's Kanban tracking system for communication with more of the organization. 7

NetBeans: Ruby Developer's New Best Friend (Part 2)

Posted by Roman Strobl on  Dec 13, 2007

This is the second article in an ongoing series detailing the new Ruby support of the Netbeans 6.0 IDE. This installment takes a look at editing features, GEM support, and unit testing. 11

Offer People Reasons to Love Your Remote Meetings

Posted by Pete Johnson on  Dec 10, 2007

Given their increasing frequency, the ability to effectively facilitate meetings utilizing teleconferences and desktop sharing tools is an important skill. This article offers tips and tricks. 13

NetBeans: Ruby Developer's New Best Friend

Posted by Roman Strobl on  Oct 17, 2007

Sun has put a large investment into Ruby with JRuby and the addition of Ruby language support to their Netbeans IDE. This article is the first in a series exploring the new Ruby features of Netbeans. 10

TDD with Selenium and Castle

Posted by Dan Bunea on  Feb 20, 2007

TDD principals provide architects a way to quickly jump into active development early in the application development lifecycle. Dan Bunea demonstrates how TDD can be applied in .NET. 5

Spring.NET - QnA

Posted by Aleksandar Seovic Mark Pollack on  Nov 07, 2006

InfoQ had a chance to sit down with Aleksandar Seovic and Mark Pollack to talk about Spring.NET. Spring.NET is an application framework that brings AOP and a Dependency Injection container to .NET. 13