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  • Adapting Test Teams to Agile Projects

    Testing teams and their managers need to unlearn the traditional mindset and practices when they want to adopt an agile way of working says Navneet Goyal. At the International Conference on Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems he gave a talk about how test teams should adapt themselves in agile projects.

  • Asking for Help in Agile Adoption

    Coaching and mentoring can help organizations in adopting agile. But they only work if people are open to help. What makes it that people sometimes do not allow coaches to help them? What can you do to encourage helpful behavior in organizations?

  • Adopting Agile When Your Management Style is Mostly Command and Control

    Agile adoption in organizations where command and control is the most dominant management style can be tricky. There have been situations where an agile transition didn’t deliver the expected improvements, or even failed and was stopped. Several authors suggested ways to adopt agile in organizations with a command and control management style. How did you deal with it when transitioning to agile?

  • Happiness and Self Organizing Teams

    Does happiness affect our results - both positive and negative - with self organizing teams? Mark Levison shares research in psychology that shows that choice and control are interchangeable: "if people lack power, they clamor for choice, and if they have an abundance of choice they don’t strive as much for power." Does this explain successes and pains of self organization?