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David Pollak and Dick Wall Discuss Barriers to Scala Adoption by Rick Hightower Posted on Oct 04, 2011 David Pollak, famous Scala advocate, blog posted, "Yes, Virginia, Scala is hard", causing a brouhaha. Scala use is increasing, yet the post claims that Scala tries to do too much, has poor IDE support, and more. InfoQ catches up with David Pollak and Dick Wall to comment on the complaints in the post, as well as the future of Scala. David has things to say about Groovy, Ceylon and Lambdas too. 21

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Introducing the Ceylon Project by Gavin King Posted on Apr 26, 2011 As Java continues to age, many developers ask how a language for general purpose & business computing would look if designed today. The result is Ceylon - a prototype language for the JVM which attempts to combine the strengths of Java with the power of higher order functions and declarative programming. This talk from QCon Beijing 2011, Gavin King introduces Ceylon for the first time. 37