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  • Java 8 Lambdas - A Peek Under the Hood

    by Richard Warburton Raoul Urma Mario Fusco on  Oct 07, 2014

    Java 8 was released in March 2014 and introduced lambda expressions as its flagship feature. This article sheds light on how Java 8 lambda expressions and method references are implemented under the hood, and looks at the generated bytecode and performance implications.

  • 8 Great Java 8 Features No One's Talking about

    by Tal Weiss on  May 30, 2014 7

    In this article Tal Weiss focuses on some lesser known API's in the new Java 8.

  • How Functional is Java 8?

    by Ben Evans on  May 12, 2014 3

    It's been said that Java 8 is bringing Functional Programming to Java. In this article Ben Evans discusses what it means to be functional. By looking at the evolution of Java - particularly its type system, we can see how the new features of Java 8, especially lambda expressions, change the landscape, and provide some key benefits of the functional programming style.

Java 7 Features Which Enable Java 8

Posted by Ben Evans on  Oct 31, 2013

In this article, Ben Evans explores some features in Java 7 which lay the groundwork for the new features in Java 8. 4

Project Lambda from the Inside. An Interview with Brian Goetz

Posted by Victor Grazi on  May 27, 2013

JSR-335: Project Lambda has been called the "defining" project in Java 8. InfoQ spoke to Oracle's Brian Goetz, JSR 335 spec lead about his observations on Project Lambda from the inside. 6

Lambdas in Java: An In-Depth Analysis

Posted by Alex Blewitt on  Jun 03, 2010

What is a lambda and what is the proposed syntax for adding lambdas to the Java language? This article explores both of these questions in depth. 10