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  • Java 8 Lambdas - A Peek Under the Hood

    Java 8 was released in March 2014 and introduced lambda expressions as its flagship feature. This article sheds light on how Java 8 lambda expressions and method references are implemented under the hood, and looks at the generated bytecode and performance implications.

  • 8 Great Java 8 Features No One's Talking about

    In this article Tal Weiss focuses on some lesser known API's in the new Java 8.

  • How Functional is Java 8?

    It's been said that Java 8 is bringing Functional Programming to Java. In this article Ben Evans discusses what it means to be functional. By looking at the evolution of Java - particularly its type system, we can see how the new features of Java 8, especially lambda expressions, change the landscape, and provide some key benefits of the functional programming style.

  • Java 7 Features Which Enable Java 8

    In this article, Ben Evans explores some features in Java 7 which lay the groundwork for the new features in Java 8.

  • Project Lambda from the Inside. An Interview with Brian Goetz

    JSR-335: Project Lambda has been called the "defining" project in Java 8. InfoQ spoke to Oracle's Brian Goetz, JSR 335 spec lead about his observations on Project Lambda from the inside.

  • Lambdas in Java: An In-Depth Analysis

    Although languages like Python and Ruby have had lambdas for a long time, the recent popularity of JVM-based languages (notably Groovy and Scala) have rekindled demand for lambdas in Java as well. But what is a lambda and what is the proposed syntax for adding lambdas to the Java language? This article explores both of these questions in depth.