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Strategy for Mobile and Web Test Coverage by Ben Linders Posted on Jun 22, 2017 Updates to Google Chrome DevTools by David Iffland Posted on May 24, 2017 Measure and Improve Code Quality by Ben Linders Posted on Jan 11, 2016
Java Community Release First OpenJDK Coverage Numbers by Ben Evans Posted on Apr 10, 2015 4 Testing Machine to Machine Systems by Ben Linders Posted on Oct 23, 2014 NDepend 5 Can Chart Code Trends by Abel Avram Posted on Oct 03, 2013
Agile and the Crutches of False Confidence by Vikas Hazrati Posted on Apr 12, 2011 3 Adobe Releases ActionScript Code Coverage Plug-in for Flash Builder by Dio Synodinos Posted on Oct 05, 2010 1 NDepend 3.0 Is Integrated with Visual Studio by Abel Avram Posted on Feb 04, 2010
Faster Test Runs With Clover's Test Optimization by Mike Bria Posted on Nov 19, 2008 7 Careful With Your Coverage Metrics by Mike Bria Posted on Nov 12, 2008 2 Coverity Readiness Manager Brings Quick Visibility to Code Characteristics by Scott Delap Posted on Sep 09, 2008
Getting Up-to-Speed on NDepend and Code Metrics by Robert Bazinet Posted on Jul 11, 2008 Cyclomatic Complexity Revisited by Gavin Terrill Posted on Mar 31, 2008 4 PartCover: New Open Source Code Coverage Tool by Jay Flowers Posted on Feb 25, 2008 3
Debuggers considered Harmful? by Werner Schuster Posted on Oct 22, 2007 4 Google SoC Series: dcov - Ruby documentation coverage analyzer by Werner Schuster Posted on Jun 21, 2007 100% Test Coverage? by Amr Elssamadisy Posted on May 29, 2007 5
Heckle Your Way to Better Tests by Obie Fernandez Posted on Dec 20, 2006

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Bridging Internal and External Software Quality with Sonar and JaCoCo by Olivier Gaudin Posted on Apr 18, 2011 In this article, author Olivier Gaudin discusses the differences between internal and external software quality and how to perform the software quality assessment using tools like Sonar and its new extension JaCoCo. 2

Talking .NET Code Analysis with Patrick Smacchia by Robert Bazinet Posted on Jan 07, 2008 Patrick Smacchia is a Visual C# MVP with over 15 years of software development experience. He is the author of Practical .NET 2 and C# 2, books about the .NET platform. He has worked on software in a variety of fields including the stock exchange at Société Générale and a satellite base station at Alcatel. He's currently the lead developer of the tool NDepend.

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Bad Code, Craftsmanship, Engineering, and Certification by Robert Martin Posted on May 26, 2010 Robert C. Martin, during his keynote at QCon London 2010, tried to figure out why there is so much bad code written. He offers advice on writing good code talking about a bad code example, Boy Scout rule, functions, arguments, craftsmanship, TDD, continuous integration, pairing, small cycles, patterns, engineering, certification, and other elements contributing to qualitative code. 6

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