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  • Debuggers considered Harmful?

    A blog post titled "Debugger Support Considered Harmful" claims that Ruby debugging support is lacking - and that that's a good thing. We look at the various rebuttals and the state of Ruby debuggers.

  • Google SoC Series: dcov - Ruby documentation coverage analyzer

    Ruby gains another tool to ensure code quality: dcov analyses Ruby code and determines the documentation coverage. We caught up with dcov developer Jeremy McAnally to talk about his plans.

  • 100% Test Coverage?

    How much testing is enough? The answer varies depending on whom you ask. On one end of the spectrum, some say you should strive to achieve 100% test coverage. Others say it doesn't matter, that you should just rely on the quality of the tests, and that measuring test coverage does not tell you anything about the quality of the tests and the code being tested.

  • Heckle Your Way to Better Tests

    Like Jester, the Java program that inspired it, Heckle mutates your Ruby code, attempting to make your unit tests fail. The premise is simple: If your unit test doesn't choke on Heckle's mutated code, then you need to improve coverage.