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Claims Based Authentication by Justin Kobel Posted on Dec 16, 2013 Justin Kobel introduces claims-based authentication, what are claims, their life cycle, explaining how to consume them in .NET through a number of demoes. 1

Stop Hitting Yourself: CSS Design Patterns That Scale by Kevin Lamping Posted on Dec 01, 2013 Kevin Lamping presents patterns for writing CSS for very large websites.

Reasonable Code with F# by Mike Falanga Posted on Nov 23, 2013 Mike Falanga shows several C# and F# solutions to common programming problems, comparing how well each language enhances the ability to draw accurate conclusions about the code. 1

The Sound of Clarity: Organizational Health Is Simpler Than You Think by Alan Claypool Posted on Nov 08, 2013 Alan Claypool discusses a methodology meant to bring coherence to an organization based on a strategic vision and clear focus on core values, over-communication and up-down accountability.

Demystifying .NET 4.5 Async by Mitchel Sellers Posted on Nov 08, 2013 Mitchel Sellers introduces .NET 4.5 Async, showing how to use it by means of examples.

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