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JavaScript Follow 89 Followers

Facebook to Relicense React Under MIT

by Abel Avram Follow 4 Followers on  Sep 23, 2017

Facebook has decided to change the React license from BSD+Patents to MIT to make it possible for companies to include React in Apache projects, and to avoid uncertain relationship with the open source community.

Data Science Follow 210 Followers

Q&A With Hillery Hunter: IBM Reduces Neural Network Training Times by Efficiently Scaling Training

by Roland Meertens Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 22, 2017

In August 2017 IBM announced it broke the training record for image recognition capabilities. IBM research reduced their training time for the neural network layout called "ResNet-50" to only 50 minutes. On another network layout called ResNet-101 they obtained an accuracy record of 33.8 percent. Using 256 GPUs they trained their neural network on a dataset containing 7.5 million images.

Web API Follow 71 Followers

PayPal’s API Style Guide and Patterns

by Abel Avram Follow 4 Followers on  Sep 22, 2017

PayPal has created their platform as services connected to each other through RESTful APIs. They have developed guidelines and design patterns for creating and using these APIs, making them publicly available for other developers to get inspiration for their own projects.

HTML5 Follow 16 Followers

W3C Publishes DRM as a Recommendation

by David Iffland Follow 3 Followers on  Sep 22, 2017

After a divided vote, the World Wide Web Consortium has adopted Encrypted Media Extensions as a full recommendation, formalizing closed-source Digital Rights Management into the specification. In response, the EFF has resigned from the W3C.

Architecture & Design Follow 480 Followers

LinkedIn Develops MySQL Query Analyzer Tool

by Andrew Morgan Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 21, 2017

In order to optimise the performance of their MySQL instances, LinkedIn has created a Query Analyzer tool in order to analyze and tune expensive queries. It runs on the network layer, stores everything within a centralized server, and provides a UI for users to analyze metrics.

Architecture & Design Follow 480 Followers

Eric Evans: Domain-Driven Design Even More Relevant Now

by Thomas Betts Follow 5 Followers on  Sep 21, 2017

Eric Evans, author of Domain-Driven Design, said the concepts in the book he wrote in 2003 are even more relevant now than they were 14 years ago. As the range of tools and technologies has expanded, some lend themselves to the principles of DDD better than others we've had in the past. Evans said, "DDD is not about technology, but is not indifferent about technology."

Culture & Methods Follow 133 Followers

How to Measure Continuous Delivery

by Ben Linders Follow 8 Followers on  Sep 21, 2017

Stability and throughput are the things that you can measure when adopting continuous delivery practices. These metrics can help you reduce uncertainty, make better decisions about which practices to amplify or dampen, and steer your continuous delivery adoption process in the right direction.

Mobile Follow 39 Followers

Swift 4 is Officially Available: What's New

by Sergio De Simone Follow 4 Followers on  Sep 20, 2017

Swift’s latest major release contains many changes and updates to the language and the standard library, most notably new String features, extended collections, archival and serialization, and more.

DevOps Follow 177 Followers

Q&A with Michael Coté on Devops Adoption and His Talk at DevOpsDays NZ

by Rafiq Gemmail Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 20, 2017

Raf Gemmail talks to Pivotal’s Michael Coté about obstacles to DevOps adoption and his forthcoming talk at DevOpsDays NZ 2017.

Data Science Follow 210 Followers

TensorFlow Serving 1.0 Release Detailed at Google I/O

by Dylan Raithel Follow 4 Followers on  Sep 19, 2017

Google's Noah Fiedel details new programming model for TensorFlow Serving in a stable 1.0 release. Subject matter addresses common challenges with portability, servablility , and reproducibility improvements.

Java Follow 314 Followers

First NetBeans Code Drop Lands at Apache

by Matt Raible Follow 3 Followers on  Sep 19, 2017

Oracle has released the first of three NetBeans code drops to the Apache Incubator.

Architecture & Design Follow 480 Followers

Spotify and Google Release Forseti GCP Security Tools

by Andrew Morgan Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 18, 2017

Google has opened up Forseti Security, a set open source tools for GCP security, to all GCP users. The project is the result of a collaborative effort from both Spotify and Google, combining what was originally separate work together into a single toolkit. It aims to automate security processes for developers in order for them to develop more freely.

.NET Follow 82 Followers

String Interpolation in Entity Framework Raises Concerns

by Jonathan Allen Follow 56 Followers on  Sep 18, 2017 1

One of the new features in Entity Framework Core 2 is the ability to automatically convert interpolated strings into parameterized SQL. Though designed to avoid problems with poorly written SQL, it is feared that it may actually lead to more SQL injection attacks.

Java Follow 314 Followers

Long Awaited Java 9.0 Releasing This Week

by Amit K Gupta Follow 1 Followers on  Sep 18, 2017 2

The long awaited Java SE 9.0 is releasing on September 21, 2017, and with it come some major changes, notably Java Platform Modules.

Cloud Follow 42 Followers

Microsoft Announces General Availability of Azure App Service on Linux and Web App for Containers

by Kent Weare Follow 7 Followers on  Sep 17, 2017

Microsoft recently announced the availability of Azure App Service running on Linux and support for Web App for Containers. When provisioning web apps, developers now have the ability to choose an underlying Operating System of Windows or Linux. They also have the ability to ingest containerized applications from popular container repositories.

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