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    Using Checklists to Organize Software Development Processes

    by Zakhar Yung Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 06, 2018

    A checklist as a process organization tool has already made a good showing in aviation and healthcare. In this article, Zakhar Yung explains how Agile teams take advantage of checklists at different stages of software development processes including sprint planning, software testing, deployment and debugging, and discover their benefits for your own project.

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    The Role of the Analyst in Agile Projects

    by Shane Hastie Follow 28 Followers on  Dec 05, 2008 14

    Addressing another Agile Myth (we don't need no analysts!), Shane Hastie, Chief Knowledge Engineer at Software Education, outlines how the Business Analyst can help Agile teamwork - when properly aligned with the business, rather than the development team.

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    A Case For Short Iterations

    by Dave Nicolette Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 31, 2008 14

    Dave Nicolette, Agile Coach with Valtech, addresses the question are short iterations better than long. Dave demonstrates that short iterations: allow for more rapid response to change, the opportunity to discover and fix problems more often. He also deals with the concerns that short iterations might lead to burnout and other issues.


The Three M's - The Lean Triad

Posted by Roman Pichler Follow 2 Followers on  Feb 27, 2008

Lean thinking aims to reduce waste (in Japanese: muda), overburden (muri) and unnecessary variation (mura). Roman Pichler proposes addressing overburden as the first step toward a leaner process. 8


Kanban Applied to Software Development: from Agile to Lean

Posted by Kenji Hiranabe Follow 2 Followers on  Jan 14, 2008

Many teams optimize only a portion of the software value stream, but Kenji Hiranabe shows how we can adapt Lean Manufacturing's Kanban tracking system for communication with more of the organization. 7


The "Consulting" Contract

Posted by Michael K. Spayd Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 30, 2007

Michael Spayd tells us that both contractors & permanent employees can play a "consultant" role, and can use contracts to help create stellar results for clients while respecting their own values. 2


Don't Let Miscommunication Spiral Out Of Control

Posted by Joe Rainsberger Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 23, 2007

In this article J. B. Rainsberger looks at at a common holiday season communication problem, and shares one of his secret weapons for team building: the Satir Communication Model. 4


AgileEVM: Measuring Cost Efficiency Across the Product Lifecycle

Posted by Tamara Sulaiman Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 05, 2007

Based on traditional Earned Value Management (EVM) metrics, AgileEVM is adapted for an Agile PM context. It allows Agile and traditional projects to be tracked within a single program. 8


Agile, Architecture and the 5am Production Problem

Posted by Michael Nygard Follow 8 Followers on  Jun 25, 2007

Can refactoring and TDD create “working software” that survives real life? Michael Nygard suggests that "leaky abstractions" ambush us at 5AM when we've paid too little attention to architecture. 25


Agile User Interface Development

Posted by Dave Churchville Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 19, 2007

Agile software development, shunning up-front design, has grown up in parallel to the emergence of "user-centered design," with its detailed user research and modeling. Can these be used together? 7


Interview: Using Agile for SOA

Posted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 04, 2006

A recent "Agile SOA" project used frequent feedback and a platform that grows as the SOA portfolio grows, to provide early and continuing value. InfoQ interviewed the author of the experience report. 1


Agile Business Rules

Posted by James Taylor Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 04, 2006

Sometimes, a new requirement is actually a changed business rule. James Taylor looks at how a business rules engine can help Agile teams work more effectively in certain situations.