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QCon London 2014 Conference Videos

To serve you better, this year we are filming all the tracks at QCon and publishing them for registered attendees-only to watch within DAYS of QCon London. Now you can choose what session to go to and see any you missed!

If you have any problems authenticating for video or if you have any comments please contact

Over the course of the coming months, InfoQ will be publishing most of the conference sessions also for public access. The publishing schedule can be found on the QCon London web site.

Does the Browser have a Future? Tim Bray Forty Years of Teams Tim Lister Back to the Future Emma Langman The World after Cloud Computing & Big Data Gunter Dueck

Day 1 - Wednesday, March 5

TRACK Everything you wanted to know about CS
Catastrophic cancellation Graham Markall
Principles of Reliable Communication & Shared State Andy Piper Bloomin' Marvellous Adrian Colyer Understanding and Using Regular Expressions Damian Conway Impossible Programs Tom Stuart
Dev "Programming" Ops For DevOps Success Damon Edwards The process, Technology & Practice of Continuous Delivery Dave Farley Instrumenting Your Business For Success with DevOps Robert Benefield DevOps at a small International Bank - Contiguous Improvement over Continuous Delivery Ola Ellnestam
TRACK Stayin' Alive - Tales of Resilience, Fault Tolerance and Recovery
Fault Tolerance 101 Joe Armstrong
Fault Tolerance Made Easy Uwe Friedrichsen From Instability to Resilience: The Story of a Web Site Richard Campbell Exploiting Loopholes in CAP Michael T. Nygard Building Resilience: How Outages Shaped Etsy's Systems Avleen Vig
Real Data Science at NASA Chris Mattmann Revealing the Uncommonly Common with Elasticsearch Mark Harwood Design Patterns for Large-Scale Real-Time Learning Sean Owen From Experiments to Insights at Pinterest Andrea Burbank
Understanding & Managing your Digital Footprint Robin Wilton How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust Crypto Again Graham Steel Help, my Security Officer is Allergic to DevOps Frank Breedijk Identity is the new Currency Paul Simmonds
Works on my Machine - your Problem now! Wolfgang Gottesheim
The Wisdom of Clouds: Building Applications not Platforms Mandy Waite
Understanding Latency: some Key Lessons & Tools Gil Tene Open API Perry Krol
DevOps & WebSphere Jeremy Hughes
Project Avatar David Delabassee Is It A Car? Is It A Computer? No, It's a Raspberry Pi Simon Ritter The Coming of Age of Internal API Management Peter Logan Using BladeRunnerJS Phil Leggetter A Brief History of Data Damien Dallimore

Day 2 - Thursday, March 6

TRACK Building integrated applications with web technologiess
Maneuverable Architecture Michael T. Nygard
Enterprise Integration Using REST: A Case Study Brandon Byars Migrating to Microservices Adrian Cockcroft
I-Tier: Breaking Up the Monolith Brian McCallister
From Parts to a Whole: Modular Development of a Large-Scale e-Commerce Site Oliver Wegner & Stefan Tilkov
TRACK People over Process in the Real World
Risk Management is Project Management For Grown-Ups Tim Lister
Deliberate Advice from an Accidental Career Dan North Continuous Improvement: Hell on Earth? Katherine Kirk Interpreting the Unwritten Rules - or are they Guidelines? Shane Hastie Organizational Change Myths - Introduction and Sustainability Linda Rising
Garbage Collection is Good! Eva Andreasson HTML5, Angular.js, Groovy, Java, MongoDB all together Trisha Gee What Every Hipster Should Know About Functional Reactive Programming Bodil Stokke Lambdas & Streams Simon Ritter
TRACK Bleeding Edge HTML5 & JavaScript - Taking the Web Platform to the Next Level
Reactive Javascript at Netflix Jafar Husain
Mobile Web Performance - Getting & Staying Fast! Andy Davies & Aaron Peters Offline First Caolan McMahon Components & Modules for Front End Sanity at Scale Andrew Betts Mapping Etsy's Front-end Daniel Espeset
TRACK Making the Internet of Things
Federated Identity for IoT with OAuth Paul Fremantle
Node Red Nick O'leary
TRACK Reactive Programming - Tackling the Async Challenge
Contravariance is the Dual of Covariance Implies Iterable is the Dual of Observable (Making Money Using Math) Erik Meijer
Do not Block Threads! A Blessing in Disguise or a Curse? Sadek Drobi Adventures with core.async Malcolm Sparks
From Development to Production Baruch Sadogursky New Opportunities for Connected Data Ian Robinson One small Step for Consumers, one giant Lead for Enterprise Tom Levey The DevOps Maturity Curve - where are you on it? Chris Rowett
Going Native with Apache Cassandra Johnny Miller Connecting Everything - APIs & PaaS Paul Fremantle Finding the Needle in a Big Data Haystack Eva Andreasson Data Movement at Very Large Scale Aaron Lee Data Types for Eventually Consistent Databases Joel Jacobson

Day 3 - Friday, March 7

TRACK Design to Exceed the Limit - High Scalable Architectures
Real-Time Systems at Twitter Brian Degenhardt
High Performance Reactive Applications with Vert.x Tim Fox Finance's forgotten Treasure: an Introduction to CQRS & Axon Allard Buijze Scaling Continuous Deployment Avleen Vig Wix Architecture at Scale Aviran Mordo
TRACK Big Data Architectures - handling too big, too fast or too versatile data
Next Gen Hadoop Akmal B. Chaudhri
What can Hadoop do for you? Eva Andreasson A Call for Sanity in NoSQL Nathan Marz A Research Agenda and Vision for Big Data at NASA Chris Mattmann How Elasticsearch Powers the Guardian's Newsroom Graham Tackley & Shay Banon
TRACK From Financial Risk to booking a Cab, Technology Stories from Startups
From Slideware to Production Jim Moores & Kirk Wylie
The Lean Pipeline Joakim Recht Lean Under Pressure Glen Ford How Shutl delivers even faster using the Neo4J Volker Pacher & Sam Phillips Open Bank Project Simon Redfern
How Netflix Leverages Multiple Regions to Increase Availability: An Active-Active Case Study Ruslan Meshenberg Enterprise IT: What's Beyond Virtualization Derek Collison Using Docker in Cloud Networks Chris Swan You don't need a PaaS; the Epic Search for Truth Russell Miles
TRACK True Mobile & Beyond
An Unseen Interface Halle Winkler
Modifying Treasure Island Alyson Fielding
Sensors Aren't Enough Mo Ramezanpoor Works in Progress Jaimee Newberry Creating Apps with 6-Year Old Girls (and their Dads) Hannah Dee