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Are you passionate about innovative software-development technologies? Do you love sharing knowledge with others? InfoQ is looking for content contributors and editors for our vibrant community who are as excited about applying all those cool technologies.

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If you are interested in becoming an InfoQ editor, please send us a message telling us a little bit about yourself, what areas you are interested in, and how you would cover those topics.

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Our editorial core values is a practitioner-driven community service whose purpose is to help progressive software development teams adopt new technologies and practices. As editors and practitioners, we work towards this common purpose by participating in a member-driven editorial process to share knowledge via news, articles, interviews, conferences, and more.

Information Robin Hoods. One of our primary functions is to seek out information from the few elite that have it and put it out to the masses. When we find out about something cool that the rest of the community should know about, we see it as our duty to bring it public, so that the entire community may benefit from the knowledge.

Best, not first. We are not a "breaking news" site; it's okay to publish something a few days after an announcement, after we gather material to tell the story in greater depth.

Content you can trust. Our content will be free from bias, either personal or vendor-driven, unless clearly marked as "opinion". Users can expect InfoQ content to be educational, accurate, and without marketing agendas. This is our brand promise and the reason our readers trust us. We strive to adhere to the principles of journalistic integrity in our newswriting activities, while recognizing that we are practitioners, not journalists, trying to do the right thing.

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I write for InfoQ because it helps me keep up with the latest and greatest technology achievements. The constant flow of potential news items is a great way to know what’s going on in the development world. Having the opportunity to pick the things I’m interested in to write about is really cool. Not only that, but I get to improve my writing skills because InfoQ has world-class editors that edit and improve the pieces I write. Finally, writing for InfoQ provides an avenue to connect with the authors of leading-edge software via Q & A. I highly encourage aspiring technology authors to take advantage of the opportunities that InfoQ provides.- Matt Raible

My current employer wanted me to stop many of my external activities, including InfoQ writing…While I could have stayed and stopped doing external writing/training/speaking, I felt it was a sacrifice that I didn't have to make. I'm a better technologist because of the research I do for InfoQ and my other external activities. I think it's a privilege to get to write for InfoQ, and it's one worth changing jobs for! - Richard Seroter

Writing for InfoQ does make me better at my work, which is a big reason of why I keep doing it! - Roopesh

When I started my current job I made it clear to my current employer that my work at InfoQ was non-negotiable. I just couldn't see myself giving up this job; it's just way too much fun!- Jonathan

I'm enjoying the things I do with InfoQ! It's great to work with people from all around the world and to help to share their thoughts and experiences on InfoQ. It also helps me to stay on top of what is happening in the software world.- Ben Linders