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Statically Dynamic Typing by Neal Gafter Posted on Dec 24, 2009 Neal Gafter explains why Microsoft has introduced dynamic typing in C# 4.0, what it is useful for - Interoperate with dynamic languages, Using reflection-like API, Interacting with COM -, what is DLR, and why they have chosen the dynamic type instead of other possible solutions. 1

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MicroORM - A Dynamically Typed ORM for VB and C# in about 160 Lines by Jonathan Allen Posted on Dec 05, 2009 Using the new DLR features in VB 10 and C# 4 you can build a configuration-free ORM that works well with legacy stored procedures. Though accessed using normal object-dot-property syntax, all the data objects are built at runtime based solely on the information returned by the database. And this is done with no interfaces to define, classes to implement, or data mapping definitions to write. 8