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  • Ember.js: Rich Web Applications Done Right

    This article walks you through building an application with Ember.js, showing the MVC system, data binding, as well as how to build GUI and Touch support.

  • Schema for Web Services – Part I: Basic Datatypes

    Most web service developers rely on a data binding conversion layer within a web service to work directly with data structures in their programming language of choice - but this causes a number of problems. In the first of a series of articles that look at these problems, Dennis Sosnoski starts at the most basic level, looking at simple data types and the issues that arise from mapping them.

  • "Code First" Web Services Reconsidered

    In this article, Dennis Sosnoski questions the conventional wisdom that a contract-first approach to web services development, i.e. starting from WSDL, is superior to starting from code. He shows how the JiBX framework can be used to practice start-from-code development without incurring the disadvantages, specifically without coupling implementation and interface too tightly.

  • Incorporating Enterprise Data into SOA

    The majority of today's SOA design techniques are centered around definition of services. They use service-oriented decomposition, based on the business processes, enterprise business/functional model, required long term architectural goals and reuse of the existing enterprise functionality. This article takes a more data centric approach...