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  • Panel: Java Object Persistence: State of the Union

    In this panel, the editors of (Floyd Marinescu) and (Roberto V. Zicari) asked a group of leading persistence solution architects their views on the current state of the union in persistence in the Java community.

  • DB40 v7 and Increasing Popularity of ODBMS

    db4o has been growing fast lately, having recently released v7.0 beta of their flagship db4o embedded OODBMS, and claiming over 30,000 deployments of their open source ODBMS. Is this a sign of changing times reflecting the ODBMS landscape?

  • Debate: ODBMS sometimes a better alternative to O/R Mapping?

    In a recently released article on, Ted Neward elaborated upon his idea that Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) is the Vietnam of Computer Science. Ted says that OODBMS' are better than RDBMS' for some types of apps. A number of people weighed in to the debate, including Hibernate founder Gavin King.

  • Db4o Releases Version 6.0 Including .NET Support and Open Source Licensing Changes

    Db4Object has released version 6.0 of their open source object database. The product allows data to be stored at the object level instead of in a relational format. Compatibility with relational databases can be achieved using the db4o replication system. Native support is provided for both Java and .NET environments.