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  • AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon CodeGuru

    Recently, AWS announced the general availability of Amazon CodeGuru, a developer tool powered by machine learning. It provides intelligent recommendations for improving code quality and identifying an application's most expensive lines of code.

  • Pylance Is a New Python Language Server for Visual Studio Code

    Microsoft has announced Pylance, a new language server for Python aimed to help programmers write better Python code and improve IntelliSense and Visual Studio Code support for the language. Pylance will eventually replace Microsoft Python Language Server.

  • Apple Rejects NFC, Bluetooth and 14 More Web APIs, Citing Privacy Reasons

    In the frame of its tracking prevention policy, Apple recently communicated its current refusal to implement 16 web APIs, citing privacy concerns. Apple emphasized that the decision could be reconsidered if the proposals evolve to reduce the fingerprinting attack surface.

  • LinkedIn iOS Clipboard Copying Was Bug

    The LinkedIn iOS app has been found to be reading the clipboard repeatedly during use, since iOS 14 (Beta) introduces a new feature indicating when the app interacts with the clipboard. Many other apps have been having similar issues. However, LinkedIn confirmed that the iOS behaviour was a bug, and has been fixed. Read on for what happened.

  • A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: DevOps Dojo Stories from DOES London 2020

    Dojos were a popular topic at DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2020, appearing initially in Gene Kim’s opening remarks on the first day of the three-day virtual conference when he referred to Target’s dojo framework as shared in the IT Revolution Forum ebook. The concept went on to feature in talks from adidas, Virgin Atlantic, Comcast, Sky, Verizon, US Bank and Walmart.

  • Disabling Google 2FA Doesn't Need 2FA

    A developer's machine, compromised by attackers, was able to use Safari auto-fill to log into, disable 2FA and extract passwords without notification. InfoQ spoke to Amos (@fasterthanlime) on Twitter about his experience and advice for others who might find themselves in the same situation. Read on to find out what happened, and what you should do to protect your assets.

  • Spark AI Summit 2020 Highlights: Innovations to Improve Spark 3.0 Performance

    At the recent Spark AI Summit 2020, held online for the first time, some highlights were innovations to improve Apache Spark 3.0 performance, including optimizations for Spark SQL, and GPU acceleration.

  • Couchbase Announces the General Availability of Its Cloud Database on AWS

    Recently Couchbase announced the general availability of Couchbase Cloud, a fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). The Cloud NoSQL service is currently available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure and Google will follow by the end of the year.

  • High Resolution Time Level 2 Is Now a Web Standard

    High Resolution Time Level 2 joined the list of web standards. The new standard updates and replaces the previous High Resolution Time Level Level 1 standard. Level 2 strengthens the reliability and precision of performance monitoring, animations, audio cues, and synchronization between browsing contexts.

  • Angular 10, an Incremental Update

    Angular 10 is the next major release of Google's SPA framework. It's a relatively small release that focuses on bug fixes, improved tooling, and dependency updates.

  • Apple's Rosetta Move

    Apple has announced that future Macs will be built on an ARM platform, known as Apple Silicon. What does this mean for application developers on the Mac platform, and the wider picture of the development community? Read on to find out what's new and what the future holds.

  • Jakarta EE 9 - Milestone 1 Released by Eclipse Foundation

    The Eclipse Foundation celebrated the first milestone release of Jakarta EE 9 with a Jakarta EE 9 Milestone Release Party. The event, hosted by Eclipse’s Tanja Obradovic, Shabnam Mayel and Ivar Grimstad, featured short presentations by Java luminaries Will Lyons, Kevin Sutter, Scott Marlow, Steve Millidge and BJ Hargrave. The event was attended by 155 developers representing 20 countries.

  • C# Futures: Null Check Operator

    In the June 24th C# Language Design Meeting, Microsoft made a subtle change to the parameter null checking syntax. By changing it from “Type parameterName!” to “Type parameterName!!” they effectively introduced a new ‘null check operator’.

  • Webpack vs. Rollup vs. Parcel vs. Browserify: a Detailed Benchmark

    The Google's team recently released a detailed benchmark comparing popular web application bundlers. The first release tests the browserify, parcel, rollup, and webpack bundlers across six dimensions and 61 feature tests. The benchmark aims at giving developers a relevant and structured comparison basis from which to pick a bundler that fits the specific needs of a given project.

  • Red Hat Mandrel Makes Java Native

    Red Hat has introduced a new Java distribution, Mandrel, that compiles Java applications directly to native code. As a fork of GraalVM, this decreases startup time and memory usage.


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