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Automated Testing of (RESTful) API Documentation

Posted by Rouven Wessling  on  Jun 18, 2017 Posted by Rouven Wessling Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 18, 2017

Rouven Wessling presents what's currently possible when it comes to testing documentation, how to start testing API documentation written using API Blueprints and how to incorporate it into a workflow

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Building for Builders

Posted by Romain Huet  on  May 09, 2017 Posted by Romain Huet Follow 0 Followers  on  May 09, 2017

Romain Huet presents ideas from how Stripe has created their developer documentation.

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Automatic Discovery of Service Metadata for Systems at Scale

Posted by Martina Iglesias Fernández  on  Feb 12, 2017 Posted by Martina Iglesias Fernández Follow 0 Followers  on  Feb 12, 2017

Martina Iglesias Fernández discusses Spotify’s approach to documentation through automatic discovery of existing endpoints, service configuration, and deployment information at runtime.

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The Seven Righteous Fights

Posted by Heidi Waterhouse  on  Jan 26, 2017 Posted by Heidi Waterhouse Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 26, 2017

Heidi Waterhouse discusses seven issues to tackle during project development: Localization, Security, Extensibility, Documentation, Affordance, Acceptance, Accessibility.

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Writing Comprehensive and Guaranteed Up-to-Date REST API Documentation

Posted by Andreas Evers  on  Jan 21, 2017 Posted by Andreas Evers Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 21, 2017

Andreas Evers introduces Spring REST Docs and its test-driven approach to RESTful API documentation.

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We Need to Talk About Docs

Posted by Nik Wakelin  on  Jul 12, 2016 Posted by Nik Wakelin Follow 0 Followers  on  Jul 12, 2016

Nik Wakelin discusses why developers dislike writing documentation, what can be done about it and how to improve the process of writing docs.

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Documentation Avoidance for Programmers

Posted by Peter Hilton  on  Jun 19, 2016 Posted by Peter Hilton Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 19, 2016

Peter Hilton discusses how to avoid writing documentation, and when it must be done, how to write it, including tools and tips for writing minimal documentation.

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Documenting RESTful APIs

Posted by Andy Wilkinson  on  Jan 02, 2016 Posted by Andy Wilkinson Follow 2 Followers  on  Jan 02, 2016

Andy Wilkinson talks about what should be included in your RESTful API's documentation, as well as about some of the tools that are available for documenting services built using Spring.


Agile in a Highly Regulated Organization, Part 2

Posted by Tami Flowers  on  Sep 20, 2014 Posted by Tami Flowers Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 20, 2014

Tami Flowers details ways to successfully implement Agile while maintaining a formal yet lightweight SDLC, including documentation and deliverables, and governance and compliance.


Agile in a Highly Regulated Organization, Part 1

Posted by Tami Flowers  on  Sep 11, 2014 1 Posted by Tami Flowers Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 11, 2014 1

Tami Flowers covers ways to successfully implement Agile while maintaining a formal yet lightweight SDLC, including documentation and deliverables, and governance and compliance.


Enterprise JavaScript Architectures–With Some Vanilla Topping

Posted by Adam Rocska  on  Aug 12, 2014 Posted by Adam Rocska Follow 0 Followers  on  Aug 12, 2014

Adam Rocska discusses how to approach an enterprise web front-end architecture, including quality assurance, code documentation, deployment, architectural planning and task delegation.


More Than Just A Commodity

Posted by Joe Kuemerle  on  Sep 15, 2011 Posted by Joe Kuemerle Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 15, 2011

Joe Kuemerle introduces the developer to the business side of development starting from the premise that it is not enough to be technologically savvy to be successful in a software organization.

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