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  • Adding Properties to Ruby Metaprogramatically

    by Werner Schuster on  Apr 18, 2007 8

    Werner Schuster walks us through a simple example of adding Java-style properties support (declarative getters, setters and change listeners) to Ruby classes via a Mixin by using elements of meta-programming. Introduces ideas for enhancement using principles of design-by-contract and pluggable type systems.

  • Evaluation Options in Ruby

    by Jay Fields on  Feb 14, 2007 2

    Jay Fields, known for his cutting edge work defining BNLs (Business Natural Languages) delivers a code-rich explanation of eval, class_eval, and instance_eval, in the context of implementing domain-specific languages in Ruby.

  • Agile Asset Management with Ruby DSLs

    by Jeremy Voorhis on  May 22, 2006 7

    Ruby makes it easy to craft Domain-Specific-Languages with Ruby syntax. This article is a story about the benefits derived from implementing a Ruby DSL for a PLANET ARGON development project.